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Rittal, headquartered in Herborn, Germany, is a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure, as well as software and services. Rittal technologies are deployed in more than 90 per cent of all industries worldwide.

Solution provider for innovative IT environments – from edge to hyperscale computing

In combination with partner offerings, Rittal Ecosystem IT is a comprehensive portfolio for all requirements of a scalable, cost-effective IT environment for edge and cloud computing scenarios. This ranges from the data centre location, individual racks, turnkey containerised data centres, and Data center as a service (DCaaS). The sister company German Edge Cloud offers connectivity to public or private cloud platforms with full data sovereignty and supports with managed services as well as process optimization, for example in the manufacturing industry via data analytics. In addition, Rittal has an end-to-end offering for the entire data centre lifecycle, from infrastructure design and planning, to implementation, to ongoing operation and optimization.

Moreover, Rittal has a unique location with 120,000m² of floor space and a potential total capacity of 200+ megawatts in the form of the Lefdal Mine Data Center. This facility combines high efficiency with eco-friendliness and security. Located on a Norwegian fjord, it is powered entirely by local renewables.

Rittal was established in 1961, and is the largest member company of the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group. The group is a highly successful global player, with 12 production sites and 94 international subsidiaries. It has approximately 11,600 employees and posted revenues of 2.6 billion euros in fiscal 2019.

For more information, visit www.rittal.com and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com.


Anixter and Rittal joined forces in 2016 signing a global Master Sales Agreement and since then have developed a worldwide strategic Alliance adopting a unified market approach, systematic development of global key accounts and joint sales and marketing activities.

The companies have created joint solutions like Edge Data Centres (DC) or IT Containers and continue to develop new solutions. Customer feedback from both, the IT and industrial sectors about their combined solutions is extremely positive and they are convinced of their value proposition and competitiveness.

Industry Infrastructure Solutions

Rittal – The System. Faster – better – everywhere.

Challenges facing our customers are at the heart of Rittal’s business. Developing future-proof solutions alongside customers, anticipating market developments and trends at an early stage and creating competitive advantages are the basis of our success. As a global market leader, Rittal’s product portfolio includes configurable enclosure systems, the data from which is made available across the entire production process. It connects smart Rittal cooling solutions (consuming an average of 75% less energy and permit high CO2 savings) to the production environment via interfaces, and it permits predictive maintenance and servicing. The range of products and services offered also includes innovative IT products, from IT racks and modular data centres, to edge and hyperscale computing solutions. Within Germany, Rittal can supply products on demand within 24 hours – with precision, flexibility and efficiency.

Rittal and Anixter provide industrial floor standing and wall–mounted enclosures with a unique range of accessories for system integration, power distributions and enclosure climate control. Various configurators exist to select your perfect solution. The products are available globally.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

The digital transformation is revolutionising production. To control production in line with Industry 4.0, all components are now interlinked and communicate with one another: robots, human/machine interfaces, sensors and actuators, machines, tools and control systems. Their values are compared against their digital twin. This generates vast volumes of data. That’s where decentralized Edge Data Centres come in as well as Hyperscale and Colocations DCs.

Rittal and Anixter provide customised data centre solutions like “Rack & Stack Offerings”, Smart Rack offerings for Colocation, Industrial Rack packages for industrial environments, Outdoor solutions for Telco, and Container solutions for global System Integrators.

Vertical Market Solutions

Vertical Solutions Banner




Food & Beverage

Tough production conditions, digitalization and the growing importance of food safety pose great challenges for the food industry.

Looking beyond hygiene and process reliability, resource consumption and sustainability are also key drivers in this sector.

System solutions for hygienic production in the food and luxury food industry:

  • Practical solutions for the hygiene sector according to current standards and guidelines to reduce cleaning times and increase plant hygiene
  • On average 75% percent more energy-efficient air conditioning with Blue e+ cooling units also for hygienic and dry areas
  • Flexible IT solutions and for securing critical processes
Food & Beverage





Process Industry

Intelligent system solutions from a single source

Rittal offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all segments of the industry, including upstream, midstream and downstream operations. High-performance, state-of-the-art infrastructure and digitalization solutions pay dividends throughout the process chain – from extraction and transportation all the way through to processing.

Rittal is the trusted partner for leading suppliers of process control systems used worldwide in mission-critical hydrocarbon processing plants:

  • Robustness and versatility of the products
  • Global usability with standard-compliant, tested solutions and approvals
  • Modular enclosure systems made of high quality 316L stainless steel alloys to withstand corrosion in the harshest environments
  • Enclosures with potentially explosive atmospheres for protection in unsteady environments
  • Reliable air-conditioning solutions that keep sensitive equipment in optimum working condition





Optimising production processes is key. The ultimate goal is end-to-end digitalization of plants, including supply chains, along with the use of data analytics, AI and energy-efficient technology. The automotive industry is facing the biggest upheaval in its history with the transformation to electromobility. Electric vehicles are being added to product portfolios and huge investments are being made in development and production.

  • For the automotive industry, Rittal offers complete system solutions (IE+IT) whose robustness and functionality meet these requirements: e.g. systems for special environmental requirements (in foundries, in radiator construction, electromobility, etc.), or in the event of vibration, for example in the press line.
  • Rittal products can be used successfully in all trades. The greatest potential can be found in the body-in-white, paint shop, conveyor technology, assembly and engine construction trades.
  • Due to the large product variety of the Rittal series range, customers can save considerable costs and time through flexible combination and rapid availability from stock.




Maritime Industry

Maritime Industry

Flexible on land and on the high seas:

  • System solutions for port and shipyard facilities on land and for ships and offshore platforms at sea, including inland navigation and the associated infrastructure
  • Consideration of environmental requirements and the regulations of the classification societies - e.g. DNV GL, LR, ABS
  • Intelligent IT and climate control solutions for the extreme environmental conditions on board ships - e.g. permanent vibrations, fluctuating temperature and humidity
  • Rittal enclosure solutions are available in sheet steel, aluminium zinc, plastic and stainless steel. Super-tough surface coatings permanently protect the sensitive electronics to keep them working reliably at all time.
  • -30°C to +70°C is the range supported by weather-resistant rack and enclosure systems from Rittal
  • International production facilities and worldwide service and spare parts management





Rittal offers complete infrastructure solutions for data centres and IT networks. The many different options range from planning and project management for bricks-and-mortar data centres to cloud solutions and edge data centres for real-time data processing.

Safe solutions for airport operations:

  • High efficiency and maximum operational reliability from a single source
  • System solutions for fail-safe 24/7 operation of an airport
  • Robust enclosure solutions, efficient and intelligent climate control solutions, extensive IT infrastructure to secure all processes
  • Support in construction, development support and prototyping






High level of effectiveness and maximum operational reliability from a single source.

Rittal offers custom products and services for the rail industry. Complete system and infrastructure solutions for all aspects of railway technology ensure smooth operation – for all activities at stations, in signal boxes, along the track and in tunnels.

Setting the course for tomorrow with Rittal:

  • Enclosure solutions for stationary applications of railway infrastructure - indoor, outdoor and in tunnels
  • Consideration of industry-relevant standards and requirements with regard to environmental conditions, protection class, resistance classes
  • Industry-specific engineering, FEM calculation, project documentation and competent advice
  • Tailor-made climate control components are offered depending on installation location, specification and power loss
  • International Service





The perfect tools for your very own energy revolution

Energy & Power Solutions from Rittal are forward-looking solutions for the energy industry. As shown by the sub-areas of energy generation, energy transmission and storage as well as power distribution and charging infrastructure, Rittal supports the entire value chain in the energy industry with the following components:

  • Cabinets and Enclosures - High quality and modular cabinet systems provide optimum protection
  • Power distribution - Distribution and protection of the power supply focusing on standardization and availability
  • Climate Solutions - Efficient climate solutions with more energy efficiency provide reliable protection for your power electronics
  • Solutions for automation in control and switchgear construction
  • Service – Rittal – Service supports you along the entire value chain


Together with partners and customers, the central infrastructure elements which are necessary to set up an energy system are designed and standardized.

  • Certain application areas are for example:
  • Wind and solar energy
  • Water energy
  • Energy storage
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Data Centers






Robust high-performance solutions for a state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure

Rittal offers intelligent, flexible solutions for telecom networks – such as mobile phone and broadband connections – from a single source. Our versatile, robust and efficient solutions can also be scaled to suit specific customer requirements.

Networked everywhere with Rittal:

  • Optimal enclosure, power distribution and climate control solutions for the technological supply of urban agglomerations - telecommunications, eGovernment, healthcare and water management
  • System solutions for power distribution of low-voltage switchgear with currents up to 5,500 Ampère
  • Weatherproof, scalable outdoor / indoor enclosures and system solutions for difficult environmental conditions





Machine Building

Competent solutions for shorter throughput times and lower energy consumption:

  • More efficiency through integrated engineering and system solutions based on worldwide standards
  • Housing solutions for extreme conditions, such as dusty and oily air
  • Precisely fitting cooling capacity at any location
  • Efficient energy supply for the machinery
  • Complete worldwide delivery and service network including on-site support
Machine Building

Date: 29.5.2022
What the smart factory needs today: Consistently networked ecosystems
The objectives of industrial transformation are clear: It is all a matter of more transparency, speed, and sustainability in manufacturing and operation. Digitalisation and networking of the industrial and IT ecosystems is here a prerequisite: For machine and plant engineering, automation, and IIoT solutions, IT infrastructures, and smart services. At the Hannover Messe 2022, Rittal, Eplan, Cideon and German Edge Cloud – for the first time together on a joint stand – will be showing you how they integrate these different worlds and support businesses on the road to a smart factory. A particular focus is placed on solutions for the efficient, secure and sustainable operation of machine systems and manufacturing processes.

Date: 10.5.2022
How can OT become climate-friendly despite high performance and availability?
The digital transformation is challenging the data centre industry. At Data Centre World in Frankfurt, Rittal, German Edge Cloud and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter will be providing answers as to how this can be achieved with a joint approach.

Solution Examples

The performance and security of any IT infrastructure is determined to a significant degree by the interaction between individual components. All system components in the Rittal system platform are perfectly coordinated with one another.

Large volumes of data generated in the immediate production environment must be processed quickly and reliably. To this end, Rittal offers customized DC solutions from small to big as well as packaged, in room or in containers or high availability security rooms.

Additionally, Anixter customers can use the wide range of edge data centre packages, for IT to be everywhere in critical or uncritical environments.  These ensure low IT at site, where it´s generated for applications that demand low latencies, maximum computing power and optimum security.


IT Solutions

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IT in general infrastructure environment

IT components for modern infrastructures
If you want to assemble and expand a modular IT system, step by step, you have come to the right place. The RiMatrix system from Rittal offers a huge range of components for flexible configuration of forward-looking data centre infrastructures.

VX IT_3 image

Benefits at a glance

Network/server enclosures

  • For individual use as stand-alone installations and data centres
  • Complete system solutions for small to large networks
  • Maximum configuration versatility and protection for installed equipment
  • Simple conversions and use of our extensive modular system enclosures

Wall-mounted enclosures

  • A comprehensive choice of products – the right enclosure for every application – up to protection category IP 66
  • Wide range of sizes available from 3 U to 21 U
  • Extensive selection of accessories with "Rittal – The System."
  • Fast assembly, modification and simple installation based on the modular principle

Examples of pre-defined solution packages.

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IT in industrial environment

IoT applications demand Edge solutions on premise, where the data is generated like in manufacturing, industrial operations, building management, retail. Edge Data Center can handle a wide variety of tasks, not just data capture and condition monitoring. With critical processes, such as controlling traffic flows or monitoring production processes, it is particularly vital for an edge data centre to reflect the availability of the application. Scalable redundancy is the key here.

IT in industrial environment Image

Benefits at a glance

  • Interfaces to all sensors, machines and devices
  • Low latency in critical applications
  • Capture and analysis of unstructured data to avoid unnecessary transmission to the cloud
  • Interface to other edge data centres and to superimposed services in the cloud
  • Efficient plug & play cooling solution with no installation work required

Rittal offers the matching housing for critical environments like industry, outdoor, retail or telecommunications. It is easy to upsell IT equipment with the right, smart and attractive IT Infrastructure for additional business. And there is no hassle as Anixter and Rittal have predefined Edge Packages for this.



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IT in critical environment

Rittal offers the right protection concept for every business security requirement. As well as security rooms, micro data centres provide optimum protection against potential physical threats to your IT. The compact safes are particularly ideal as a protection concept for small and medium-sized enterprises, by providing physical cover for individual server racks. Our solutions have system tested quality which means that the entire solution has been tested for fire protection, intruder protection, smoke protection and water/dust-tightness in accordance with the specified standards. Across all systems, the 482.6 mm (19’’) fire alarm and extinguisher systems offer optimum fire protection in closed server enclosures. These systems are readily incorporated into the CMC III monitoring system via CAN bus interface.

Container 2 Image

Benefits at a glance

  • Simple, flexible integration into existing building structures
  • Extendible for long-lasting cost-effectiveness and future-proof investments
  • Optimum space utilisation, thanks to the flexible modular system
  • System-tested protection from potential physical threats
  • Compatible with cross-plant IT infrastructures

Examples of pre-defined solution packages.
Micro Data Center, 47 Units, 1200mm depth

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Standardised, off-the-shelf modules

Continuously growing data volumes are having a major impact on IT infrastructure. Demand for CPU and storage capacity is increasing at the same pace, which means that more and more servers and storage systems are needed, while the floorspace available for IT infrastructure has barely changed. Rittal’s data centres in containers offer the perfect solution, because the standardised RiMatrix Data Cubes are installed in a short time and the concept is individually tailored to your requirements.

Fully pre-configured modules in the RiMatrix S series offer a pioneering alternative to building your own data centre. They already include all the necessary components such as IT enclosure systems, power backup and distribution, climate control and monitory and security solutions.

Container Image

Benefits at a glance
Micro Data Center – high availability in a security safe

  • Customised container solutions on a platform basis
  • Predefined modules are individually compiled to create a container data centre
  • Pre-assembled container solutions can be up and running in next to no time.
  • Project planning by Rittal
  • Turnkey delivery of a field-tested solution complete with comprehensive documentation.



Container 3 Image

RiMatrix S – the standardised data centre

  • Pre-configrued modules – ready for immediate installation of the IT equipment
  • Fully functional complete system including server and network enclosures, climate control, power distribution and backup, monitoring and optionally the DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) wit RiZone
  • Peace of mind – due to documented system test of the entire module


Industrial Solutions

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Industrial Solutions in standard environment


The standard in enclosure manufacturing

Enclosure frame with one or two front doors, rear panel, mounting plate, roof plate, divided gland plates. Perfectly suited to efficient enclosure interior installation.


Benefits at a glance

  • Less complexity with simplified, more consistent baying technology for all applications
  • The maximum data quality of the VX25 ensures greater flexibility for configuration, manufactoring and assembly
  • Accessible from all sides - even from the outside due to the frame profile with 25 mm pitch pattern that is symmetrical across all levels
  • Time saving tool-free assembly and ingenious hinge technology, fast-action interchangeable and installable closure technology


The free-standing enclosure system

The free-standing enclosure system is now compatible with the VX25. This means it offers the same engineering for the interior installation, the same installation process for components and simpler logistics. Available in sheet steel or stainless steel.


Benefits at a glance

  • Minimal ordering and assembly work, thanks to the solid side panels and roof
  • Body produced from a single piece for maximum stability and torsional rigidity
  • High protection category up to IP 66/NEMA 4 or 4X
  • Identical accessories platform as VX
  • All engineering is fully transferable from VX to VX SE
  • Fast interior installation of e.g. directly at the top and bottom of the profile – over the full height of the enclosure, if required without machining, simply using screw fastenings
  • Free-standing enclosure system with its 1,800 mm-wide enclosure may replace up to three VX25 enclosures — no need for baying


System perfection. The new compact enclosure AX provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, plus safe, flexible assembly and interior installation.

The new KX sheet steel small enclosure provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, plus flexibility and security for a wide range of applications.


Benefits at a glance

  • 30% more space for cables
  • 30% faster assembly
  • Panel parts supplied loose
  • QR codes make it easier to automatically incorporate them into the production workflow and enable seamless, digital monitoring from goods receipt through to completion
  • UL approval also for accessories
  • Optimum corrosion protection — resistant to mineral oils, lubricants, machining emulsions and several solvents
  • Automatic potential equalisation during screw-fastening

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Industrial solutions in hygienically critical environments

Industrial solutions in hygienically critical environments

Hygiene is an absolute must in the food industry: Machinery, plant and components must readily withstand daily cleaning with pressure washers and jet steam cleaners. There surfaces must also be easy to clean, and/or designed to prevent contaminants from adhering to them. Rittal's Hygienic Design addresses these aspects and provides the appropriate solutions for use in the food & beverage industry. Hygienic Design solutions have tested quality which means that the entire solution has been tested for water/dust-tightness in accordance with the specified standards and regulations.


Benefits at a glance

  • Smooth surface finish is easy to clean and disinfect (Ra of less than 0.8 μm)
  • No hard-to-clean gaps where contamination could collect
  • Liquid contaminants quickly run off the top of the enclosure due to the 30 degree inclination
  • Protection of IP56/59
  • Silicone seal prevents transfer of colourants, flavourings and unwanted odours
  • Dyed blue seals making them clearly distinguishable from contaminants e.g. food residues
  • International standards & approvals (DIN EN ISO 14159:2008, DIN EN 1672-2:2009, C-UR, CSA)
  • Tested in accordance to GS-NV 6

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Outdoor housing solutions

Outdoor housing solutions are exposed to a variety of external influences that can significantly affect their performance and lifespan. Crucial requirements for the solutions are a high protection category, resistancy to UV radiation, significant temperature fluctuations and sturdy protection against vandalism. Did you know that Rittal is your perfect one-stop supplier for intelligent and flexible outdoor solutions? Robust enclosures are combined with smart, energy-efficient climate control systems – for demanding environments and practically all temperature ranges. With our Rittal outdoor housing solutions, we cover a wide range of use cases, no matter if you need vented or non-vented small housings with or without viewing windows or even large modular enclosures — our RITTAL products will fit your needs and requirements in the best possible way. Additionally due to the diverse manufacturing material of sturdy plastic, fiberclass-reinforced polyester or fully powder-coated aluminum your electronic components are optimally protected against external influences for a trouble-free operation.


Benefits at a glance

  • High-quality materials
  • Surfaces powder-coated and with UV-resistant polyester finish for optimal protection against the elements
  • Meet the requirements of protection ratings up to IP55 and IK10
  • Wide variety of enclosures for different use cases
  • Efficient and weather-resistant due to smart design
  • Global applicability with international approvals
Outdoor housing solutions

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Fan-and-filter units

Fan-and-filter units

Complete fan-and-filter units for tool-free installation in surfaces. The enclosure is cooled by expelling or extracting heat from the enclosure. Air throughput from 20 m³/h - 900 m³/h. Protection category IP 54 as standard. Upgradable to IP 56. Also available with EMC shielding or in an EC version.

TopTherm fan-and-filter units

Complete fan unit for tool-free mounting on surfaces. Air throughput from 20 - 900 m³/h, standard protection category IP 54

TopTherm fan-and-filter units EMC

Complete fan unit with EMC shielding for tool-free mounting on surfaces. Air throughput from 20 - 900 m³/h, standard protection category IP 54

TopTherm fan-and-filter units with EC technology

Energy-efficient version of the RTT fan-and-filter units with EC technology. From 180 m³/h with integral control interface (0-10 V / PWM input and tachosignal output) to regulate and monitor the fan

Calculation program for enclosure climate control

Therm takes care of the time-consuming calculation of the required cooling output and selects suitable products

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Blue e+ Cooling Units

Blue e+ Cooling Units

5.1 Blue e+

Cooling units keep the enclosure internal temperature at a constant level, which is independent of the ambient temperature. The air routing meets individual requirements. Two separate circuits prevent the ingress of dust into the enclosure.


Benefits at a Glance

Efficient and sustainable:

  • Contribution to climate-neutral production through average energy savings of 75% and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Passive climate control: Heat pipe cooling circuit uses cold ambient air for cooling. Active climate control: Compressor cooling circuit with speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling, ensuring a constant temperature
  • Longer service life of the components in the enclosure. Thanks to speed-controlled components, the parts can be optimally cooled, based on demand


  • Greater security thanks to an integrated condensate evaporation feature – standard in all cooling units, even from 300 W and up
  • Improved service processes and increased service efficiency through predictive maintenance


  • Flexible use due to a large temperature range from -20 to +60 °C. The outdoor cooling units from -30 to +60 °C
  • Worldwide usability due to multi-voltage capability and country-specific approvals
  • The right cooling solution for all applications thanks to the extensive Blue e+ product range (sheet steel, stainless steel, outdoor and chemical version)


  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to intelligent interfaces (NFC for app, USB connection for analysis and services, display)
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to easy accessibility for maintenance and service, as well as simple component replacement
  • Reduced design and planning effort due to uniform, rectangular mounting cut-outs for all types of installation
  • Quick design and parameterisation with helpful tools (Software Therm, Product Scan & Service App, and Quick Finder)
Blue e+ S Cooling Units

5.1 Blue e+ S


Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased energy efficiency through hybrid technology
  • Use of R-513A refrigerant
  • 75% average energy savingsand reduce carbon footprint
  • 56% lower GWP than R134a
  • Unique multi-voltage capability
  • International approvals (cUL Listed, cULus FTTA, CE & EAC)
  • Direct detection of the device status by LED light guide
  • Integral condensate evaporation
  • Easy and quick access for maintenance and service, as well as a louvred grille with recessed handles for simplified filter replacement
  • Faster, easier assembly with foam gasket, lighter weight, and consistent mounting cut-outs
  • Simplified shipping processing for the customer by printing the serial number on the packaging
  • Intelligent and simple monitoring through direct connection to the Smart Service Portal
  • Convenient operation via IoT interface, Scan & Service App



White Papers




Rittal Tools 1 Image

Security, availability and efficiency are curfcial to the productive operation of a data centre. This calls for a comprehensive approach which addresses all the relevant requirements as well as the peripheral conditions in order to devise the most suitable solution. As well as personalised advice, Rittal can also provide you with a comprehensive range of tools for selecting, configuring and monitoring all relevant parameters.


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Climate Control

Find out in just three steps which of the Rittal climate control solutions suits your requirements best.

Calculate your climate control requirements. Therm takes care of the time-consuming calculation of the required cooling output and selects suitable products.

This Configurator is a cost-effective way of designing your required machine and process cooling. Cooling output, volumetric flow and coolant temperatures are precisely tailored to the required level of your application.


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Power Distribution

Easily select tested low-voltage switchgears with Ri4Power systems


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Rittal RiPanel

All functions at a glance

  • Easy selection of an enclosure system
  • Error-free accessory selection with verification checks, visual presentation and positioning in the 3D model
  • Add machining options incl. CAD import of customer specific cut-outs
  • Automatic generation of technical data and direct submission of an enquiry or order

Your benefits:

  • Save time due to simple configuration and ordering process
  • No more errors when selecting accessories or machining options
  • Easier planning thanks to the instant product list and price display
  • Faster processes through integrated interfaces to Eplan and Rittal software
Rittal RiPanel


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Rittal RiPanel PDU Configurator

Rittal Tools 2 Image

The modular system of PDU variants from Rittal can be used to plan customer-specific PDU configurations that meet the majority of project requirements for an IT rack power supply.


  • List and visualise your configuration
  • Delivery times are shown transparently
  • Get direct pricing information when you log into the online shop

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Edge Data Center Configurator

Rittal Tools 3 Image

Rittal has developed a data centre for small and medium businesses, which allows them to configure complete, turnkey “private cloud” solutions very easily. The configurator includes both the analysis and configuration of rack, climate control, power supply and security components.


  • Your data centre configuration in just a few steps
  • Standardised solution
  • CFD analyses for all configurations and load ranges
  • Tested redundancy response

Climate control:


  • Output range from 3 to 30 kW
  • Cooling: LCU DX or LCP DX

Power supply:

  • Power distribution: PDU, basic version 3 x 16 A (optional metered version)
  • UPS: N+1 redundant ABB Upscale (optional)


  • Monitoring: CMC III Processing Unit with temperature measurement and access control (optional)
  • Automatic door opening (optional)
  • Rack-based early fire detection (optional)

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IT Infrastructure selector

Rittal Tools 4 Image

The IT Infrastructure configurator provides Partners, System Integrators, System Engineers and final users with a straightforward overview of the Rittal IT Competence. It covers all IT product areas and suggests relevant and assigned key accessories.


  • All product segments in the data centre at a glance: Network/server racks, solutions for IT cooling, IT power and IT monitoring
  • For added value, suitable accessories are suggested in every segment.
  • The result is an individual IT infrastructure, ready for you to request a quote from Rittal.

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RiMatrix S Selector

Rittal Tools 5 Image

Your selector for standardised data centres for SMEs, branch concepts and flexible cloud applications. Your solution is configured on the basis of standardised data centre modules.


  • RiMatrix S at a glance
  • Explanation of the option packages
  • Efficiency calculation for your location
  • As the outcome, you can save your compiled RiMatrix S solution as a PDF file.

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Micro Data Center Configurator

Rittal Tools 6 Image

Configure your individual security safe and the various configuration components which will expand your safe into a fully fitted Micro Data Centre.


  • Your complete micro data centre in just a few steps
  • Individual selection of configuration components
  • When you have finished, you can request a quote for your current configuration

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IT-Cooling Calculator

Rittal Tools 7 Image

This calculator enables you to easily select Liquid Cooling Packages (LCPs) for the rack and series cooling of your IT infrastructure. The cooling capacity of LCPs is calculated on the basis of a variety of physical parameters such as water inlet temperature and water volume, as well as the server inlet air and exhaust air temperatures. The complete results of the calculation can be saved as a pdf file in order to document the project.


  • Calculation of the cooling output of LCPs
  • Consideration of the various physical parameters
  • Save your finished calculation as a PDF file

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Rittal RiPanel VX25 Configurator

Rittal Tools 8 Image

For configuration, Rittal offers large enclosures in a range of sizes and designs. Materials, sizes and enclosure designs are tailored to all major requirement profiles. Benefit from the solution diversity of Rittal system accessories.

IT Videos:

VX IT – The worlds fastest IT Rack

TX CableNet – Get it. Locate it. Patch it. Taking cable management to a new level.

Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Powering the Industrial Edge

Rittal IoT Interface

Industry Videos:

RiPanel Online Configuration System

Blue e+ chillers – The world’s most efficient range of chillers


RiMatrix Next Generation – The next generation of future-proof IT infrastructures

The Rittal RiMatrix NG is an open system platform for uninterrupted availability, high data quality, innovative cooling management, optimised energy efficiency and maximised security. Data centres can be individually configured or assembled using standard components. This allows you to implement customised solutions for all IT scenarios: from individual rack installation, to edge, enterprise and colocation data centres, through to hyperscale data centres.

  • An open system platform which is continuously updated to reflect future technology trends
  • Modular solutions for applications offering fast availability and flexible scalability
  • Guaranteed system extendibility and investment protection thanks to compatibility with predecessor data centre versions
  • VX IT modular variants provide the basis for a customer-specific configurable enclosure platform
  • Planning and operational support through to optimisation of the entire IT lifecycle
  • OCP technology in standard applications opens up new efficiency potential

Rittal has bundled their innovative products from enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure. Please find below some impressions of our product portfolio.

Rittal IT Container Solutions

Growing data volumes and escalating requirements often lead to space problems in existing IT environments. Container solutions suitable for outdoor settings is one possible solution for this kind of Big data applications. These container solutions are delivered pre-assembled, and can be up and running in next to no time. The spectrum ranges from pure IT containers, through to complete all-in-one systems containing the entire physical IT infrastructure.


The new product platform for industry 4.0. After the Blue e + cooling units and the baying enclosure system VX25, we come to full circle with the compact enclosures AX and the small enclosures KX. With this product launch, Rittal's entire core portfolio is perfectly equipped to meet the new requirements of digitisation, and makes an important contribution to successful Industry 4.0 structures.

RiMatrix Container

A time-saving alternative to custom-designed data centers, RiMatrix S represents a set of preconfigured, fully-compatible data center modules with well-define power consumption and efficiency ratings. The system is a coordinated ensemble of Rittal's racks, climate control products, power backup and distribution systems and monitoring equipment. Ideal for installations like SMEs, users can benefit from shorter lead times and the ability to tailor the modules to fit within existing building infrastructure.


Schaffhausen ABB

It's the result of a collaboration between ABB, HPE and Rittal: an all-in-one plug and play industrial data center solution that is specifically designed to run in industrial environments, to bring enterprise-grade IT capacity closer to its machine control and points of data collection.

The new one: the AX

New horizons –AE becomes AX: A modest range of enclosures developed into the world’s largest modular system for enclosure manufacture. Since Rittal was founded, the company’s impressive innovative strength has spawned numerous enclosure generations, with millions of units in use – always ahead of their time. The latest generation – the AX – is a response to the challenges of the Industry 4.0 era and is the new original.

PDU: Rittal presents the latest PDU generation.

Demand-based power distribution in the IT rack – Smart and secure. Whether you need a compact, basic power distribution unit or are monitoring the entire energy requirements of your server rack, switching each slot individually or conducting in-depth consumption analyses, we have the right solution to meet your needs.

VX25 – The new symmetry from Rittal

Only ONE pitch pattern - Simple interior construction - Less complex – more possibilities - Simplified baying - Infinite baying possibilities - Quick-fit sealing

The new one: the KX

System perfection: The new small enclosure KX offers maximum data quality and consistency in engineering, and flexibility and safety for a wide range of applications.







Stand no.



Energy Next

Sydney, NSW







LANLine Tech Forum



Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport




Sydney Cloud & Data Centre Convention

Sydney, NSW


Luna Park Convention Centre








Messe Frankfurt

Halle 9.1 / Stand B 22



LANLine Verkabelung + DC



Hyperion Hotel Hamburg








Messe Hamburg

Halle B6 / Stand 319







Messe München

Halle A3 / Standnr. 227



Footech Packtech

Auckland, AKL



Auckland Showgrounds


New Zealand


Wind Energy




Messe Hamburg

Halle B6 / Stand 351



all about automation Chemnitz




Messe Chemnitz

Standnr. 1-308






Addington Raceway


New Zealand






Messe Berlin




Water NZ conference & Expo




Te Pae Convention Centre, Ōtautahi


New Zealand






Messe Nürnberg

Halle 7a / Stand Nr. 114



LANLine DC Symposium



Pullman Hotel




Auckland Cloud & Data Centre Convention

Auckland, AKL




New Zealand






Messe Berlin








Messe Nürnberg

Halle 3










IT LED system light for IT rack systems and IT racks image
CMC III processing unit compact image
Compact enclosure AX basic enclosure, sheet steel image
Small enclosure KX E-Box, sheet steel image
VX SE free-standing enclosure system image
7888120 TX CABLENET, VENTED, WHD: 800X2200X1000, RAL 7035 image