State and Local Government

State and Local Government
Focus on State and Local Government Solutions

WESCO and Anixter have experts dedicated to understanding the unique requirements for your state or municipality.

Wesco is committed to supporting state and local government agencies through a dedicated, customer-centered team, focused exclusively on this sector. We offer a single point of contact, allowing for easy access to our complete suite of solutions, as well as knowledge from industry experts who understand the purchasing processes, contract vehicles, unique language, acronyms and technologies specific to this market. We are one of the few companies in the industry with specialized resources focused on state and local government customers and a team that is active in state and local associations, which enables us to maintain multiple purchasing vehicles to simplify your procurement process. With varying requirements in nearly every state or municipality, you can draw on our unique skills and experience to solve your most important challenges.



State Contracts:

Wesco carries various state contracts for product categories including lighting, data communications and safety. State contracts can be used by local government, counties, municipalities and public education within each state.

For a complete listing of our statewide contracts, please see below:

  • State of Arizona CTR062450
  • State of California-CMAS: 4-22-01-1011
  • State of California-CMAS: 3-23-03-1032
  • State of Iowa: 23210
  • State of Kansas: 52098
  • State of Kentucky: MA 758 2100000784
  • State of Missouri: CT211077001
  • State of North Dakota: STAGE net 112-2212
  • State of New Jersey: 85152
  • State of Nevada: 99SWC-NV23-14750
  • State of Oklahoma: SW1004
  • Pennsylvania: COSTARS 003-E23-638
  • Pennsylvania: COSTARS 040-E22-118
  • State of Texas-DIR DIR-TSO-4247
  • State of Utah: AR364
  • State of Washington: 04616S
  • State of Washington: 05416


Image of a US Map State Contracts


Contract Vehicles:

Cooperative contracts are agreements between the government and businesses, created to lower the costs of procuring goods or services that multiple entities commonly need. Cooperative contracts can be used by cities/municipalities, churches, counties, charitable organizations and state agencies that are members of each contract.

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