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Wesco offers the most advanced range of lighting and energy efficient services, products, and solutions in the marketplace today. This offering is supported by our proven reliability and 100 years of experience. Our depth includes custom turnkey retrofits, new construction, and advanced energy-optimizing solutions. Our unmatched expertise and full-service offering deliver increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, safer interior, and exterior environments, as well as bottom-line savings.


Wesco focuses on you--our client--in order to deliver a truly turnkey experience. From conception through installation, we leverage an array of energy efficient solutions to help you achieve significant savings and create a smart, future-proof infrastructure. We leverage our strong supplier relationships and cutting-edge technology in order to deliver the price, performance, cost-of-maintenance, warranty, and manufacturer reliability you expect and deserve.


Your Retrofit Partner for Smart Building Functionality

We serve as your single point of contact throughout the retrofit process. This allows you to easily implement a complex array of energy efficient solutions to maximize efficiencies and generate better results than if each solution had been implemented on its own. Our integrated approach allows us to significantly lower your operational expenses, achieve your sustainability goals, and future-proof your facility.


Our Solutions



LED Lighting

An energy efficient lighting upgrade is a smart decision for every industry. It can save you 40-70% on reduced energy consumption as well as lower operations and maintenance costs. Advanced control strategies can often reduce consumption an additional 40% or more. In addition, further cost savings can be achieved by reducing the number of fixtures. With the use of rebates and proper energy conservation measure selection, ROI can be brought down to under two years. Cash flow is usually positive immediately upon project completion.

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  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Site Safety
  • Increase Productivity
  • Integrate with Building Management Systems






LED retrofit kits were used to upgrade and replace existing interior and exterior lighting fixtures across the campus. A wireless controls solution was integrated into the existing facilities management system to enable remote access for real-time changes and energy-saving modifications.

Top 8 Reasons for a Lighting Retrofit Upgrade


Learn how we can power your results. With more than 50 years experience we can survey existing systems, perform energy audits, design lighting and control system upgrades, integrate with building management systems, complete installations, and optimise rebates and incentives.




Smart Building Controls

Adding a smart control system to other energy efficient building upgrades can increase energy savings and create better functionality & flexibility. These control systems enable all sorts of interesting IoT functionality to create a truly smart building system. Smart Building Controls create the opportunity to monitor and manage a single building or multiple sites from a single dashboard. This can be done either on-site or remotely, so that problems can be identified quickly no matter where your facilities are in the world nor whether they are open or closed.

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  • Single Point of Control
  • Integrate with Building Management Systems
  • Easily Reprogrammed
  • Customizable Light Levels
  • Remote Access
  • Alarm Conditions





The data centre industry continue to expand with over 3.5 million data centres expected by 2023. Currently consuming 0.7% of the world’s electrical power, by 2023, this number may increase to 10%.




Smart Metering

Smart metering provides a highly scalable, low-cost energy monitoring platform to generate actionable insights for building optimization targeted at enterprise-wide savings. View energy consumption data immediately to make immediate decisions that keep your operation running efficiently and avoid peak demand charges where applicable. You will be able to analyze anomalies and look for savings opportunities by optimizing consumption. Actionable information will help you detect issues quickly to reduce avoidable maintenance costs as well as manage operational expenses while planning and justifying capital expenses more efficiently.

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  • Scalable
  • Affordable
  • Real Time
  • Detailed Analytics Reports
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cloud Based Platforms




Building Health Enhancements

UV disinfection, bipolar ionization, and biometrics offer facility professionals a cost-effective way to go beyond traditional disinfection and monitoring methods to help ensure a safer and healthier environment for all those that use their space. Screening affords an extra layer of safety and security and is easily implemented info existing protocols.  Various options are available for disinfection to reduce a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses. Wesco is ready to help you run your business with confidence and ensure the comfort of your employees and customers. 

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  • Non-toxic & safe for use across many applications when used correctly
  • Bacteria do not build immunity to UV and bipolar ionization like they can to common cleaning products
  • Fixtures can easily be added to current lighting systems and are programmable to customize running times for maximum cleaning
  • Offers affordable & reliable options to meet any budget & space requirements
  • HVAC disinfection systems ensure that both interior and exterior air circulated through the building have been treated to reduce viruses and bacteria





Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is good for business because it’s very bad for pathogens. UV technology has been used for decades in a broad number of applications to kill viruses, bacteria, and mould.




Electric Vehicle Charging Station

More than 5.6 million people worldwide are driving plug-in electric cars. This is a 64% increase from 2018 and the numbers are growing at staggering rates.  By 200, 60% of all new car sales will be electric. As the demand for public charging stations continues to expand, it's important to be aware of the current-day benefits, environmental impact, and government incentives. Drivers in need of these charging stations present a new opportunity for many businesses to increase their value by re-imagining their parking lot. EV charging stations installed in a typical parking lot can be used to attract desirable clientele, tenants, and employees. Wesco partners with top suppliers to deliver superior electric vehicle (EV) charging station technology.

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Why install EV charging stations?

Why install EV charging stations?

Growing demand for accessible and convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging stations due to increasing sales of fully electric vehicles, increase value to current customers, tenants and residents, expand market share to this consumer base, possible tax advantages to your business, and easily add your business to special maps that electric car drivers utilise to plug in and charge.


  • Attract visitors who stay at least 60 minutes at your location.
  • Provides visibility to your business through apps used by drivers
  • Increase your property value
  • IoT based apps provide additional functionality such as queuing
  • Provide additional value and maintain relevancy
  • Visible commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Adding electric vehicle charging stations to multi-family properties can attract tenants willing to pay higher rents with less turnover





Solar Energy and Battery Storage

A solar installation can cut current electricity costs and provide clean energy in the future. It is the fastest growing source of renewable power in the world and is expected to account for over 60% of renewable growth over the next 5 years. Installing solar allows you to lock in electricity prices and reduce variability, and if used with storage, it provides continuity and better management of electrical demand.

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Take advantage of the fastest growing source of renewable power in EMEA.

Take advantage of the fastest growing source of renewable power in EMEA.

Use Wesco for a complete evaluation, design and installation of your solar project, custom designed solution for your specific business, research and managed rebates, incentives and funding available, post-project operations and maintenance options to keep your solar generation at optimal capacity, battery storage options for applications requiring redundant back up and capacity, and pairing your solar project with an LED lighting upgrade will provide significant load reductions!


  • Offset Your Utility Bill Expenditures
  • Future Proof Your Electrical Rate
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates and available Tax Credits
  • Rapid Depreciation
  • Generate Income from Excess Capacity
  • Clean, Green Energy





Peak Demand Charge Avoidance

A solar installation can cut current electricity costs and provide clean energy in the future. It is the fastest growing source of renewable power in the world and is expected to account for over 60% of renewable growth over the next 5 years. Installing solar allows you to lock in electricity prices and reduce variability, and if used with storage, it provides continuity and better management of electrical demand.

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  • Reduced energy costs
  • Schedule optimization
  • Real-Time Data
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs




Compressed Air Optimization

Compressed air is one of the most expensive utilities in an industrial plant. Too often, the efficiency of compressed air systems is ignored.  The greatest efficiency gains occur by examining both the supply and demand side of the system.  Leaks and worn-out parts place tremendous strain on equipment resulting in over-work and shortening life span.  As manufacturing facilities expand and upgrade, compressed air systems are seldom optimized. Wesco can audit your systems to ensure they are running properly and support you in any enhancements. 

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  • Substantial Cost Savings
  • Better understanding of cost of operation
  • Save a tremendous amount of energy
  • Increase the life of equipment. 





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