Anixter distributes solutions from leading DAS and Wi-Fi manufacturers

We offer carrier grade in-building wireless solutions for distributed antenna systems, single and multicarrier systems, radio frequency systems and public safety systems. As members of the HetNet forum, we work with public safety officials, building owners, businesses and wireless carriers to help you create seamless in-building wireless solutions for a range of technologies. Contact one of our experts.

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Learn how we helped an international retailer deploy a Wi-Fi solution in 1,000 retail locations in 43 countries. 

The Latest Wireless News
  • Irish Data Centre Ecosystem Report 2024

    What are the challenges, opportunities, and outlooks for the Irish #Digitalinfrastructure in 2024? How does Wesco Anixter fit within the Ecosystem? Download the latest free #Hostinireland Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem 2024 report. We are delighted to be featured in it.

  • Liberty - AVoIP and Arranger

    Arranger is an AV software server application designed to configure and manage AVoIP endpoints and AV systems with easy-to-build user interfaces that do not require any programming skills.

  • nVent - How we approach innovation and sustainability for data centres

    Content streaming, online banking, cloud computing, sophisticated smart phone apps, eCommerce, edge computing, artificial intelligence and more are fueling data processing and traffic demand in data centers throughout the world. The internet and the cloud can seem like abstract concepts, but those technologies are powered by physical data centers that enable so much of what we do every day.

  • Axis - Mastering Data Center Protection

    Companies all over the globe rely more and more on data to improve their performance and revenue. This has made data centers crucial infrastructures, but also mouth-watering targets for cybercriminals.

  • Perle - How to Select a PoE Switch for Video Surveillance Systems

    Perle are excited to share the “Comprehensive Guide on Selecting the Right PoE Switch for Video Camera Surveillance Systems” to help simplify your network setup, reduce costs, and enhance your system's performance.

  • CEL-FI by Nextivity Smart Cellular Coverage Solutions

    Nextivity Inc. develops the award-winning CEL-FI products that optimize cellular coverage in enterprise, business, residential, and transportation applications.

  • Nextivity Streamlines CEL-FI QUATRA Commercial Cellular Installations

    To further streamline the deployment of the CEL-FI QUATRA family of products, Nextivity unveiled the latest release of its CEL-FI COMPASS installation tool.

  • Nextivity - CEL-FI GO G43 Multi-Carrier Smart Signal Booster

    As the world leader in smart cellular coverage solutions, Nextivity is excited to announce the expansion of the cellular portfolio, which will provide partners the solutions to tackle any in-building coverage challenge.

  • Bosch - IP horn loudspeakers and amplifier module firmware release 2.0

    Audio integration with leading Video Management Systems (VMS) based on the ONVIF standard and support of SIP cloud-based server providers.

  • CommScope SYSTIMAX® - Endless Innovation

    As the industry confronts new disruptive changes, SYSTIMAX® delivers. With sustainable fiber and copper, network intelligence, edge/extended distance solutions and unmatched customer support, SYSTIMAX® provides the future-ready foundation for today’s agile enterprise networks. Limitless potential powered by endless innovation.

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