Supply Chain Services

Reducing costs, saving time, improving productivity and mitigating risks — it’s our goal on every project.

With our customizable Supply Chain Solutions, you can eliminate costs, address sustainability requirements, enhance focus on your core competencies and stay competitive in the marketplace.

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Supply Chain Programs

Supply Chain Programs are designed to help our customers work smarter and more productively We build tailored, integrated supply programs that optimize operational efficiencies, provide visibility and enable scalability.

Project Deployment Services

Project Deployment Services scale our Installation Enhancement Services to save time, provide consistency and improve scalability across multifaceted deployments involving multiple product sets or teams of contractors, integrators and/or installer, national or global rollouts, large inventory quantities or values.

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Installation Enhancement Services

Installation Enhancement Services adapt products and their packaging to speed and streamline deployment and reduce the total cost of installation for installers and contractors.  

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Our Supply Chain Model

At Anixter, we continually invest in people, processes and technologies to meet your complete supply chain needs. In our supply chain model, we address five key areas that are necessary to build an effective solution.

Inventory Management
Product Enhancement and Packaging
Global Logistics

Managing multiple low-volume suppliers can be time consuming and create inefficiencies in your business.

Managing inventory can have an adverse effect on your schedule and budget if not done properly.

Preparing the products you buy for installation can be costly and impact your time to market.

Every time products are moved or transported, the risk of project delays and added costs increase

Transaction processing is an operational necessity; however, it can be a burden on cost, efficiency and time

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Case Studies

Anixter has collaborated with customers to help improve processes, reduce costs, achieve on-time completion and eliminate risks from their business. These case studies demonstrate how our supply chain solutions provide customizable, flexible, scalable services to help solve real business challenges. The case studies demonstrate Anixter’s capabilities in Sourcing, Inventory Management, Product Enhancement and Packaging, Global Logistics and eCommerce.

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management

All Supply Chain Case Studies

  • Material Management Streamlines Port Terminal Expansion

    A major operator of marine ports wanted to expand its container handling operations at the flagship port with the creation of a new container port. When completed, the new state-of-theart, seven-berth Terminal 2 container port will offer superior service and handling facilities. As part of this expansion, the company wanted to deploy an integrated network infrastructure to provide accurate and efficient coordination of port operations.

  • Anixter´s supply chain solutions help EPC company providing products for remote Gas Pipeline

    An engineering, procurement and construction company (EPC) was building a 420-kilometer gaspipeline in rural Mexico with a capacity of 886 million cubic feet per day (MMPCD). Due to the remote location of the job site, obtaining electrical material for the pipeline was difficult.

  • PayneCrest Electric: Optimizing Field Labor and Improving Safety with Anixter Trakr

    When a Midwest state approved a budget in 2015 for a coal-fired power plant to upgrade its pollution emissions controls, PayneCrest Electric won the electric build-out portion of the multiphase, multiyear project. PayneCrest found that working on an existing facility with other contractors and subcontractors presented considerable challenges. Perhaps the most significant on this particular job site was finding laydown space and maintaining accurate physical location status of supplies.

  • New Mine Gets Online in Time with Deployment Services and Technical Product Recommendations

    A mine operator decided to open a new mine to take advantage of favorable international gold prices. Once completed, the open-pit mine will use a 600,000 meter drill to process more than 55,000 tons of ore per day and produce 591,000 pounds of gold per year.

  • Security Integrator Installs High-Tech Solution READY! Deployment Services

    A large European city was looking to redevelop its city center by building a 19-acre combined retail, leisure and transportation hub. As the first major development in the city’s center for the past 20 years, the development included 700,000 square feet of retail space plus a transportation interchange that will provide improved railway station facilities, a first-class bus station, and 1,700 car parking spaces and bicycle amenities to encourage sustainable travel throughout the region.