Global Logistics

Services for controlling cost and lowering risks in transportation.

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Every time products are moved or transported, the risk of project delays and added costs increase. 
Anixter’s global operations experience enables us to work with you to determine the most efficient methods for delivering products to help mitigate the risk of project delays.

As your global logistics partner, Anixter can:

  • Streamline freight costs
  • Improve on-time delivery

  • Reduce lead times
  • Optimize international transaction costs.

We understand that in order to complete your projects on time you must have the right products at the right time.

Our global logistics services include: 

  • Lead-time management
  • VAT, duties, taxes and import cost optimization
  • Freight consolidation 

  • Inbound transit time management
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Import/export documentation management
  • Handling of transportation agreements and tariffs
  • Integration with our tracking systems to provide in-transit visibility 
  • Reverse logistics program.

Case Studies

  • Regulatory Body Partners With Anixter on a New Data Center Build

    An independent public body that regulates national electronic communications and audiovisual service markets in Spain establishes and supervises specific obligations that must be met by telecommunications market operators. Its goal is to promote competition in the audiovisual services market, resolve conflicts and act as an arbitrator in disputes between operators.

  • Integrator Relies on Anixter's Expertise to Build Two Data Centers for a Bank

    The local team of a global integrator was helping to design two 200-square-meter Tier 3 data centers for a leading European bank. A major concern for the end-user was the limited amount of space. Because of this, the end-user required high-density cabling due to rack space limitations. Along with the physical concerns of constructing a new building for a data center, the bank had concerns about data growth, system performance, network congestion and connectivity architecture, cost of power, cooling and space, fiber availability and power availability.

  • OEM Gains Global Supply Chain With Anixter

    A global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions for vacuum and gas-based processes has six manufacturing facilities around the world. With four plants in the U.S., one in China and one in Mexico, the manufacturer wanted a supply chain partner that could meet its global needs while still maintaining local support. As the company has expanded from its manufacturing plants in the Northeastern United States to global sites, quality control throughout its supply chain and manufacturing processes has become a bigger concern.

  • Atlanta Police Foundation Sets New Standard in Open-Architecture Video Surveillance

    The Atlanta Police Foundation came to Anixter because of Anixter’s previous history with deploying citywide surveillance technology in other large metropolitan cities. After being presented with the foundation’s vision, Anixter engaged its resources locally and nationally to address the supply chain delivery issues, product consistency and manufacturer selection challenges with the foundation.

  • Anixter Helps Drive Efficiencies to Wind Farm Deployments

    An engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company selected to carry out the construction of a 101 megawatt, 44-turbine wind farm needed to confirm that the project’s owner could maintain stable pricing and service standards throughout the construction process. As part of the bidding process, the project’s owners required copper prices to be locked in for the duration of the project to guard against potentially volatile price fluctuations.

  • Wind Farm Operator Meets Critical Benchmarks

    A developer and operator of energy-generation facilities in Canada was building one of the largest wind farms in the nation. As an expert in planning and designing of biomass, geothermal, wind, hydro, natural gas and coal facilities, the company announced that the wind farm would deliver 200 megawatts of power from 133 turbines.

  • Anixter Helps an Emergency Vehicle Manufacturer Control its Inventory

    For more than 40 years, an emergency vehicle manufacturer has been committed to building the finest ambulance and rescue vehicles. For this industry leader, it has always been essential to provide the highest product integrity and value to its customers. To meet these goals, the company conducts continuous improvement reviews to confirm that all aspects of its manufacturing processes are at optimum performance.

  • Contractor Needs Price and Delivery Stability for Power Upgrade in Remote Area

    With nearly 10,000 megawatts of energy-generating capacity, a large provider of coal-based electricity delivers power to more than 1.5 million customers in the eastern U.S. With a vision to be a top-performing, high-growth utility, the energy producer’s long-term vision is to add value to its core generation and delivery business. In order to do this, the company planned to build a 210-mile, 500-kV power grid, which included two substations along the route.

  • Hayward Industries Uses Lean Manufacturing to Trim Costs

    Anixter has been helping Hayward Industries achieve its manufacturing goals for the past 11 years. By providing 105 active parts to three production lines, Anixter has implemented a complete vendor-managed inventory program from a centrally located distribution facility that services Hayward’s production lines on a daily basis. Anixter is able to position inventory closest to its point of use because it has numerous facilities located across the U.S. This allows Anixter to be responsive and flexible to meet Hayward’s changing production schedules.

  • Fast-Track Peaker Plant Construction Requires Material Management Services

    For more than 100 years, a southern U.S. energy company has supplied power to a growing customer base that now includes nearly 667,000 consumers and covers more than 2,000 square miles. With 4,000 megawatts of generating capacity that will power nearly 500 homes for a year, the company is poised to meet the needs of its customers. As the area population continues to grow, the company needed to confirm it had enough capacity to meet future demand and get through peak uses of consumption.

  • Anixter and IBM Help Secure A Large US City

    The challenge: not just deploy surveillance cameras throughout the city’s business district—one of the largest in the U.S.—but also seamlessly integrate them into the recent beautification efforts without sacrificing security.

  • Anixter Delivers Blockbuster Performance for Visual Solutions Provider

    Our customer, a visual solutions provider, has been successful in its industry because of its ability to leverage the latest technology to the benefit of its clients. This is particularly true with its movie industry customers who are driving impressive growth for the company as it helps theaters across the country transition from 35 mm projectors to DLP (digital projection) systems. Our customer’s challenge was straightforward: They had to come up with a cost-effective way to deploy their DLP systems to theaters across the country. However, by definition, any type of national rollout presents a host of project management, purchasing and installation challenges.

  • Oil and Gas Company Gains High-Tech Headquarters with Anixter

    One of the foremost hydrocarbon exploration and production company in the Middle East accounts for more than 90 percent of its country’s crude-oil production and nearly all of its natural-gas supply. The company wanted to build a new headquarters building, which was to be a flagship project that used the latest and greatest networking technologies.

  • A Timely Response Helps New York Turn the Lights Back On

    Living in the 21st century, it is pretty easy to take modern conveniences such as utilities for granted. However, one fateful day last summer, some unfortunate New Yorkers learned how electricity can disappear in a flash.

  • Contractor Users Ready! To Install to Meet Deadlines on Power Plant Construction

    A public utility sought to increase its power generation capabilities during its heaviest load periods. To better meet its users’ demands for electricity during peak times, the company sought to construct a large-scale, gas-fired peaker power plant that would provide 200 megawatts of energy. Powered by dual 100-megawatt aeroderivative gas turbines, the plant was built to reduce consumers’ electric costs during peak periods, improve reliability and decrease reliance on older, less efficient units.

  • Anixter Helps a Light Rail Get on Track with READY! Deployment Services

    A Canadian city developed plans to extend its existing light rail public transportation system by adding 12 miles of track and 15 stations in the first phase of a multiyear expansion. With nearly 100,000 riders daily, the system connects the city’s suburbs with its southern edge. The new expansion included railway tunnels that traversed the city’s downtown area. Once completed, the entire system will add 18 miles of track.

  • Integrator Leverages READY! Site To Meet Tight Deployment Schedule

    As a leading provider of communications and technology solutions to the U.S. government community, a network integrator was awarded a contract to implement a multimillion dollar project for the U.S. military branches. With an aggressive schedule, broad range of physical site locations (across the U.S. and Puerto Rico) and unique product, technology and engineering requirements, the task called for a precise, coordinated deployment effort to complete the job on time and on budget.

  • Anixter Helps Logistics Company Build a Green Data Center and Office Space

    A logistics company wanted a green office building with adjoining data center to consolidate and improve operations. As part of its commitment to green practices and operations, the company wanted everything to be designed, deployed and constructed with sustainability and functionality as the key factors. The building also required materials to come from sustainable and organic resources. The technologies used throughout the facilities needed to provide the highest form of energy efficiency. All facets of the project from construction to final use needed to be guided by sustainable principles.

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