Success for today’s manufacturers depends on their ability to respond quickly to constantly changing customer demands while lowering costs and keeping productivity high. By outsourcing nonessential functions, such as material management, OEMs are able to allocate more time to their core activities: cost-effective manufacturing and assembly.

Material Management Programs by Anixter

Our Solutions

Our material management programs lower the total cost of ownership, improve productivity and can scale to meet production demands. We offer a variety of solutions to help our customers optimize a just-in-time material management program in the production facility including:

  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs
  • Consignment
  • Racking solutions
  • Spot buys and forward schedules
  • Vendor and part rationalization.


Inventory Control and Replenishment Systems

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We offer two cost-effective scanning systems that are ideal for OEM facilities, particularly those that encompass multiple locations. These systems use bar code scanning technology for automating inventory control and replenishment processes.

Just in Time (JIT)

  • Automatic order replenishment
  • Easy to use Web-based software
  • Scanning efficiency
  • Reduction of excess inventory
  • Eliminate shortages and stock-outs
  • Usage and status reporting
  • Multiple label formats
  • Inventory status
  • Multiple methods of replenishment
    • Barcode scanning via license plate technology
    • File upload
    • Online order creation
  • Order creation (manual release, automatic)