READY!SM Grip, Anixter’s single-use pulling eye system for medium-voltage cable is a cost-effective alternative to traditional pulling eyes. Installed by Anixter prior to shipment, these eyes reduce cable waste and labor costs. The eyes are installed using sealant to make them block moisture during the pull. They also come with staggered lanyards for easy installation in conduit.

READY! Grip Low-Profile Medium-Voltage Pulling Eyes image


  • Installed on 5kV and 15kV copper tape shielded medium-voltage cables
  • Water-barrier with sealant and heat-shrink tubing
  • Installed in clean, protected environment
  • Staggered lanyards
  • Shipped with cold-shrink end caps


NOTE: For installations where the cable ends may be submerged for a long period of time, the pulling eye should be cut off after the pull and the cold shrink end cap should be applied.


  • Reduces on-site labor for installing eyes
  • Reduces material to order, receive and unpack
  • Reduces the need for tooling
  • Provides more security than grips
  • Eliminates messy residue
  • Leaves less conductor scrap
  • Makes pulling in conduit easier
  • Reduces injury from on-site installation
  • Prevents long-term moisture with end caps

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