Leverage the Infinite Possibilities of PoE with Maximum Power and Interoperability

Resolve interoperability challenges and unlock a wide new range of IoT Applications by delivering up to 90W of power over Ethernet wiring.

5G, the next-gen technology, offering advanced mobile internet connectivity with faster speeds, unfolds a variety of IoT and Big Data applications creating new business opportunities.

This has led to an unprecedented demand for more power to support additional devices connected to the Ethernet network such as, IP surveillance cameras, 802.11ac and 802.11ax access points, LED luminaires, 5G small cells and other IoT appliances - all of which can benefit from the advantages of Power-over-Ethernet technology.

The latest PoE standard IEEE® 802.3bt facilitates 5G deployments by pushing the power limit of Power Sourcing Equipments (PSEs) and Powered Devices (PDs) to 90W and 71.3W respectively.

PoE injectors and switches image

As the industry adopts the latest generation of PoE technology, users face the challenge of making pre-IEEE® 802.3bt 2-pair and 4-pair PDs, such as Universal PoE (UPOE) and Power-over-HDBaseT (POH), work alongside new IEEE® 802.3bt-2018-compliant PDs sharing the same Ethernet infrastructure.

Microchip has eased the transition with IEEE® 802.3bt-compliant PoE midspans that enable both pre-IEEE® 802.3bt and IEEE® 802.3bt-compliant PDs to receive up to 90W of power without changing switches or cabling.

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To gain more insights into the next-generation PoE standard, please check out the IEEE® 802.3bt White Paper.

With over 15 years of experience in power-management technology and end-to-end in-house capabilities in building PSE/PD ICs, software and hardware for PoE systems (midspans/switches), Microchip are ideally positioned to provide an easy migration path for meeting up to 90W power requirements through plug and play installation.

Microchip’s new IEEE® 802.3bt-compliant PoE midspans and switches are available in two power ranges, 60W and 90W and in different port counts of 1/6/12/24 for indoor, outdoor and industrial environments. These solutions enable installation of new IP-based PoE devices with no interoperability issues by offering seamless integration with any pre-IEEE® 802.3bt devices and are fully backward compatible with the IEEE® 802.3af and IEEE® 802.3at standards. Thus, facilitating network infrastructure upgrade to the new IEEE® 802.3bt standard while retaining the existing switching infrastructure in the most cost-effective way.

Microchip continues to innovate PoE solutions with the aim of supporting newer applications demanding higher power, greater speed, and challenging indoor and outdoor specifications, while ensuring lower OpEx and faster deployment.

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