Converged Infrastructure Solutions for MTDC and Colocation Providers

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Infrastructure Solutions for MTDC


Multi-tenant data center (MTDC)/colocation providers must control costs, meet SLAs, increase efficiencies, and simplify data center management.

With converged infrastructure solutions, providers can reduce time to production for tenants by up to 80% by using pre-configured solutions that arrive fully tested, validated, and ready to rack and roll. Our solutions can also help lower cooling energy utilization by as much as 50% with wireless monitoring and cooling control solutions comprised of intelligent software and wireless nodes. With Panduit, our providers can offer tenants with deployment expertise, customer supply chain solutions, and data center visibility.

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Featured Products

Panduit FlexFusion Cabinet

FlexFusion Cabinet

FlexFusion Cabinets offer a unique universal platform for all types of data centers and servicing needs including Hyperscale, Edge and Multi-Tenant Data Center. Built with best-in-class weight load of 3,500 lbs. and doors with maximum air flow of 80%, FlexFusion can tackle your most challenging cabinet installations. Whether it’s for server, network or hybrid applications, FlexFusion Cabinets deliver performance to keep your networks running at optimal efficiency.

FlexCore™ Optical Distribution Frame

FlexCore Optical Distribution Frame

The FlexCore Optical Distribution Frame is a versatile front-access cabling system that provides the necessary protection for critical connections. Utilizing innovative cable management and simple, intuitive cable routing, the FlexCore ODF simplifies and reduces the time for moves, adds, and changes. With standard doors with locks and optional locks for each enclosure, the FlexCore ODF solution enables multi-tiered security that is important for multiple client access.

The RapidID™ Network Mapping System is Cable Documentation. Automated


The RapidID Network Mapping System automates the labor-intensive and error-prone cable documentation process, resulting in a faster, easier way to place and trace cables and patch cords. It’s a practical alternative to traditional manual approaches that is ideally suited for building a new telecom room, locating installed cabling, or replacing a network switch.


G-PUWB48-WW SmartZone irUPS Product Family SmartZone UPS

SmartZone UPS

The SmartZone™ Uninterruptible Power Supply delivers highly efficient and reliable power protection and backup power for your Computer IT equipment. To continually meet the growing power demands of Data Center, Enterprise and Edge IT equipment, the SmartZone™ UPS provides excellent electrical performance, intelligent battery management, enhanced intelligent monitoring, secure network functions and long lifespan for lithium units. Additionally, they comply with ENERGY STARTM 2.0, EMC and safety standards and has been integrated with SmartZone™ Cloud Next Generation DCIM Solution.

SmartZone G5 PDU

SmartZone PDU

The SmartZone G5 PDUs monitor the data center power and the environment by continuously scanning for electrical circuit overloads and physical environmental conditions that place critical IT equipment at risk. By monitoring physical access points, the PDUs increase cabinet security to protect your systems and data. With some of the highest outlet densities and the smallest form factors available in the market, your cabinets will be functioning at their most resourceful state.

New and Improved PanMPO™ Fiber Connector

New and Improved PanMPO Fiber Connector

The first connector to enable gender and polarity change just got better. The new and improved PanMPO™ Fiber Connector has been redesigned to include key new features for an even better and easier experience when using the connector in the field.


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