Saved Lists are a great way to keep large bills of material at your fingertips.  Use a saved list to easily find your most frequently ordered items.  Or use a saved list to keep track of the specified materials for a particular job.

Add an Item To a Saved List

You may add an item to a saved list by clicking the "Add to List" button on a search result page or a product detail page.

Add to List Search Page
Add to List - Product Page

Add to an Existing List

Next, select the saved list to which you'd like to save the item.

You may select from your existing lists...

Add to Existing List

Create a New List

While creating a new list, you may add a name and a description.

You may set the list to Private or Shared.  

Create a New List

Private Lists and Shared Lists

"Private" means only you will see the list. "Shared" means all other users that have access to your company's account will see the list.

Shared lists are a great way to help ensure consistency in the products your organization purchases.