Corning Distributor

Corning shares Anixter's mission to provide solutions that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. Together, we bring the end-to-end fiber optic and copper product solutions, resources, services and training you value. Corning invented low loss optical fiber in 1970, and has been at the forefront of fiber optic technology ever since. Corning has formed the designs, products and guidelines that have become standard in the industry today. Meeting the needs of customers with innovation and passion, Corning’s broad product range positions them as the industry leading manufacturer in a number of customer-focused solutions including, fiber optic cables, connectors and related hardware, splice closures, pre-terminated connectivity for data centers, harsh environments products, and fiber deep solutions for in-building networks.

EDGE8 Solutions Make the Future Accessible

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Corning’s EDGE™ solutions were the industry’s first pre-terminated optical cabling systems specifically designed for the data center environment, and the value that EDGE provides to the industry continues to be proven. Density, network uptime, speed, simplicity... EDGE addresses it all. However, technology roadmaps clearly indicate that transmission speeds ranging up to 400G will be based on either 2- or 8-fiber connectivity solutions.

That’s the motivation behind EDGE8™ solutions. All the value of our original EDGE solutions, with the added superior network scalability, improved link performance and 100% fiber utilization of a base-8 design. Learn more.