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Quality, Service, lnnovation & Value since 1903. The Siemon Company is an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance low voltage infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centres, LANs and Intelligent Buildings.

Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, with global offices and partners throughout the world, Siemon, an Anixter Solutions Partner offers the most comprehensive suite of copper and fibre cabling systems available. Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company's long-term commitment to its customers and the industry.

  • Episode 1: A legacy of Stability in Challenging Times:
  • Episode 2: what do 1960’s Rock and Roll, Sauerbraten and Sound Financial Decisions have in common?
  • Episode 3: Coming to America:
  • Episode 4: The next wave of Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi E):
  • Episode 5: two buddies look at 50 years combined ICT Experience:
  • Episode 6: what network engineers need to know about DACs and AOCs:
  • Episode 7: how to protect critical connections in unforgiving environments:
  • Episode 8: New Siemon CEO – Henry Siemon:
  • Episode 9: MSA Compliant cables in DC:
  • Episode 10: CAT 6A Shielded vs UTP – Choose the right cabling application:
  • Episode 11: Ruggedized Connections in Today’s harsh environment:
  • IB Podcast: IT Convergence of Building Systems: A Puzzle Solved!
  • Siemon High Speed Interconnects expert, Ryan Harris, joins the WISEUP Podcast

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