Creating a One-Stop Shop for One Multisite Financial Institution

Financial Case Study



Technical services company on behalf of a nationwide financial institution


Multisite rollout



  • Reduced labor costs by 17 percent through kitting
  • Lowered costs by 8 percent by preconfiguring DVRs
  • Saved integrator around 240 hours of labor on site

Building Immersive A/V Environments 

Retail banks are looking for new ways to provide customers with immersive audio/visual experiences — from touchscreen displays to interactive kiosks. For one Mexican bank and financial services company — the fourth largest in the country — this included installing digital signage at its retail locations. Placed on walls and areas where waiting customers can view them, the digital signs display marketing materials and regional-specific promotions and general information. 

Single Point of Contact 

The bank hired a technical services company with expertise in designing high-tech network video display systems to act as the integrator and as a single point of contact for the project’s management. The company was responsible for specifying the system, overseeing the project and making sure the project met the bank’s deadline, which was six months from start to finish. With more than 1,400 locations — some in very remote areas — and nonstandard product specifications, the integrator had several challenges to overcome in deploying the bank’s new digital video system.

Building the Solution

The integrator constructed its solution based on the technical specs to fit a repeatable solution for each of the bank’s locations. This included a digital video display, wall-mount, HDMI and serial cables and a DVR. Knowing Anixter’s capabilities of sourcing from leading manufacturers worldwide, the integrator partnered with Anixter to supply the products for each of the 1,400 locations. Anixter’s technical experts worked with the integrator to select the right products to meet the specifications. Even though many of these parts were nonstandard in its portfolio, Anixter was able to create relationships with suppliers and procure the parts within the integrator’s timeline.

Building the Stock, Readying for Deployment 

Instead of purchasing the material for the entire deployment at one time, Anixter put intelligence into the process and matched the purchasing with the integrator’s master schedule. Anixter procured material in stages to offset costs incurred by the integrator and then only billed for materials when they shipped from its warehouses to the branch locations. 

The integrator had a preferred DVR and sourced the material directly. Even though the DVR was purchased by the integrator, Anixter took the material into its warehouse to be shipped with all of the associated materials for the video display. Anixter also configured the DVR to the bank’s network, which helped to reduce installation time on site.

Deploying the Solution 

With more than 1,400 locations, the system needed to be uniform, easily installable and repeatable across many locations. On such a large rollout, each shipment needed to be cross-checked to each location to match what the installers were expected to receive. For some of the more remote locations that weren’t served by national carriers, Anixter used small trucks to make manual deliveries. 

To ease installation and cut down on overall deployment time, Anixter created two kits that were sent to the locations — one with a TV unit and one without. When the kit arrived on site, the installers had everything they needed to complete the installation waiting for them. They only needed to unpack, install and configure the system with minimal packaging waste and no need for local storage. 

On a project this complex, Anixter implemented a project manager that worked directly with the integrator. The project manager coordinated the assembly of the kits, conducted weekly reports, made sure there was enough stock for the kits in the warehouse and served as the main point of contact for Anixter and the other stakeholders. Doing this helped to make sure all parties were working on the same master schedule and coordinating deliveries to build-out schedules.

Material Management Services Reduce Labor Costs on Site 

Anixter estimates that it reduced labor costs by 17 percent through its kitting service and another 8 percent by preconfiguring the DVRs before shipment. Anixter was also able to ship material to its locations in Mexico, which meant the integrator didn’t need to lease a warehouse space. 

By implementing a project manager, Anixter was able to save the integrator around 240 hours of labor on site. This meant the integrator didn’t have to focus on logistics but instead could focus on the critical activities of overseeing the installation of the systems. 

One-Stop Shop, Multiple Benefits 

In the end, the integrator and bank received a one-stop shop for materials needed in the video display systems. Anixter was able to source from standard and nonstandard manufacturers and used its supply chain to source the material, import it, prepare it and deploy it within the bank’s timeline. The expertise at Anixter helped the integrator to meet its benchmarks and enabled the bank to provide a visual experience that would help to consistently enhance its customer reach at all its locations.