Major Bank Ensures Reliability and Security




A large financial institution


New data center construction to upgrade operations


READY!℠ Rack


  • Established off-site staging and coordinated delivery of 55 racks and associated hardware
  • Improved speed of deployment and minimized construction waste
  • Complied with European Union environmental laws


Customer Challenge 

One of Europe’s leading financial institutions, and one of its oldest banks, is home to 9 million deposit accounts and 1.5 million lending accounts. With a large distribution network for financial products and services, the bank has more than 1,500 branches and 1,400 ATMs. Backed by an investment in new technology, the bank is reaffirming its market-leading position by modernizing operations to better serve its customers and enhance productivity. 

With its banking and electronic services growing rapidly, the bank needed a data center that would maintain stability and reliability for its millions of customers. The bank was committed to deploying a solution that would house all of its operations in one central location while enhancing performance for individuals and corporations. The data center, which would use the latest highperformance technology, needed to meet critical performance and redundancy requirements as well as maintain a minimum network failure rate to keep its customers using and interacting with its financial services.

Project Scope 

As the core of the bank’s financial network, the data center would run on a full 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution to increase performance, reduce delays and provide for future growth. In the first phase, which would be the most aggressive of the three-phase deployment project, Anixter was asked to source and deliver components for 55 high-performance racks specified in 17 variations. Anixter had to provide 190 copper patch panels, 4,300 connectors as well as grounding, 80 fiber patch panels and 300 fiber couplers. Not only did Anixter have less than two months to source and package the products, but it also had to make sure all of the materials were delivered within a critical two-week period to meet the bank’s stated goal of 95 percent completion by the end of the quarter. 

Anixter Solution 

Based on past success, the bank’s chosen network integrator knew that Anixter could help develop a deployment plan to deliver a full bill of materials on time and within budget. However, with a limited window for deployment and the inherent complexities of the project, individually delivering and assembling each rack component on site might not have allowed the installers to meet the deadline established by the bank. Anixter approached the integrator about using its READY!SM Rack solution. 

As part of Anixter’s READY!SM Deployment Services, READY! Rack provides a complete rack solution with all of the components delivered as one part number. After meeting with Anixter representatives, the integrator proposed the READY! Rack solution to the bank, who saw the service as a way to improve the speed of deployment while minimizing construction waste, limiting access to a secure facility and reducing equipment damage. 

As the installers worked to prepare the site and build out the infrastructure, Anixter started to stage the 55 racks and associated hardware at its distribution center. Anixter’s team then preassembled, labeled, kitted and packaged the materials for each READY! Rack specification. 

With the READY! Rack solutions staged off site, Anixter eliminated a considerable amount of packaging waste before delivery, which helped to reduce the time spent disposing waste and limited the amount of material to be stored on site. The READY! Rack solutions remained at the distribution center until the installation team was ready to receive and install them. Once given the go-ahead, Anixter coordinated the simultaneous delivery of all 55 racks on three trucks to arrive at the bank’s data center the night before the technicians began the installation. After the READY! Rack solutions arrived encased in wooden crates, Anixter removed all leftover waste and packaging material in accordance with European Union law. In fact, the only items left on the job site by Anixter were the READY! Rack solutions. 

Program Results 

Anixter’s READY! Rack solution helped the integrator and the bank make sure all material was delivered during the critical phase one of the deployment on time and on budget. Anixter’s READY! Rack solutions reduced waste at the job site, streamlined the installation process and met the job site challenge of limited access of personnel in the data center. Anixter’s investment in products and services allowed the integrator to meet the bank’s organizational goals of enhancing banking and electronic services, and the installers could focus on deploying a reliable, secure and fail-safe network. By providing a single part number and solutions delivered according to the build-out schedule, Anixter’s READY! Rack solution eased order management, confirmed product specifications and allowed the installation team to focus on the build-out process to meet its goal and future-ready requirements of providing customers with an extensive and reliable network of financial services.