2N Introduces the 2N® Indoor View: The Stylish 7″ Touchscreen
for Luxury Apartments

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2N, the global leader in IP access control systems, introduces its new 2N Indoor View answering unit for accepting video calls from 2N IP intercoms, making the whole intercom experience more stylish in the luxury residential sector.

The 2N Indoor View answering unit is equipped with a 7” colour touchscreen display, providing a detailed view of incoming people from its scratch resistant 4-mm tempered glass panel. Users can easily and quickly display live video from the intercom and see who is at the front door in real-time, or they can display missed calls from unexpected visitors. As the video call preview is enlarged, residents can read a courier’s name tag with ease. HD audio and noise cancellation also optimise the listening experience. In addition, users will appreciate how easy it is to operate the unit on the large display and the home screen can even display the current weather forecast. There is also a new office stand so the unit can be used in the office interior as well.

The 2N® Indoor View completes 2N’s portfolio of answering units for 2N door intercoms, each of which meets the needs of a different target group and has its own 2N operating system and stylish design. The other products in the portfolio are the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0, which provides full integration with home automation systems and was the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, 2N® Indoor Talk which won the iF Design Award, and the 2N® Indoor Compact, both designed for normal residential complexes. All four products in the portfolio were developed with a focus on protecting customers from cybersecurity threats as well as on ensuring their physical safety.

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Tomáš Vystavěl, 2N’s Chief Product Officer, said: “We have been inspired by our customers and we know that they take design just as seriously as innovation. The 2N® Indoor View is a premium answering unit which is the result of our ongoing commitment to developing cutting-edge devices and setting the industry benchmarks. Modern residential apartments deserve a great looking unit, and no one will be embarrassed to put the 2N® Indoor View on the wall of their kitchen or living room. It will fit perfectly and provide a stylish look with a great user experience.”

The 2N® Indoor View comes in either a black or white design and the emphasis was placed on the selection of components of the very highest quality. The answering unit is protected by highly-resistant, carefully crafted glass and utilises the highest quality audio components to achieve a clean sound without any echoes.

The stylish new design was developed by a top Czech designer, Kryštof Nosál, who has won a number of prestigious international design awards including Red Dot, Good Design and the iF Design Award.

Kryštof Nosál said: “This is a premium product, so it was essential to come up with a design which added real aesthetic value. It also needed to be flexible enough to fit seamlessly into all interiors. The final design is an evolution from two earlier 2N products that we worked on – the Indoor Talk, which received an iF Design Award, and the Indoor Compact – with an emphasis on a sophisticated, classic look.”

To install the device, all you need is a UTP cable and an installation box. The 2N custom operating system is the guarantee of reliable operation and simple configuration. The device can also be configured remotely without the need to travel to the installation site. The product was developed and produced in Europe.

Featured Products

91378601 | Indoor View, Color: Black image
91378601WH | Indoor View, Color: White image
91378800 | Indoor View Answering Unit Flush Installation Box image
91378802 | Stand for 2N Answering Units image
91341481E | IP Intercom Power Supply, Electrically Unlock, 12 Volt, 2 Ampere image

Features & Benefits

  • 7″ HD Touchscreen - Easy it is to operate the unit on the large display. The home screen even provides the current weather forecast.
  • Full Screen Video Calls - Enlarged video call preview. This means residents can even read a courier’s name tag with ease. Wide screen calls will be compatible only with some 2N intercoms.
  • Stylish Design - A luxury penthouse deserves a great looking unit. Offer the 2N® Indoor View to ensure you win your project.
  • Residents’ Privacy in Safe Hands - The 2N made sure that no one can listen in or record residents’ conversations.
  • First Configuration From Your Office - Save time and money. You can set up all the units in a project remotely without the need to travel to the installation site.
  • Produced and Developed in Europe

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