Panduit SmartZoneTM G5 iPDU


Best-in-Class Outlet Densities. Optimal Form Factors. Superior Reliability.

The SmartZone™ G5 iPDU is more than a power distribution unit and energy meter. It monitors the data center power and environment by continuously scanning for electrical circuit overloads and physical environmental conditions that place critical IT equipment at risk. It also maintains cabinet security as it monitors physical access points.

SmartZone™ G5 Basic PDU Family
An innovative selection of basic PDU's that address rising data center power density concerns.

SmartZone™ G5 iPDU Families
Provide comprehensive, accurate, energy measurement data to efficiently use power resources, make informed capacity planning decisions, improve up-time, measure PUE and drive green data centerinitiatives to save energy and money.

  • Monitored Input (MI) Series
  • Monitored Switched (MS) Series
  • Monitored per Outlet (MPO) Series 
  • Monitored and Switched per Outlet (MSPO) Series

SmartZone™ G5 iPDU's interface with the SmartZone™ Software. In addition, there are multiple hot-swappable Intelligent Network Controllers (iNC)
and  many environmental and physical access security accessories.