Panduit Proudly Introduces the New OptiCam2 Termination Tool

Simple fibre cabling termination with OptiCam 2 - saves time, improves results.


September 4th, 2017, London. Panduit EMEA has introduced the OptiCam 2 fibre termination tool, offering simple to use, "right-first-time" termination together with an instantly calculated and accurate insertion loss value. This new tool will provide installers with a fast and reliable fibre termination system which improves productivity by reducing install time and scrap, as well as decreasing cable re-work.
The OptiCam 2 provides the installer a step by step visual guide, using a large LCD screen to display clear information. The three step prompts and on-screen visuals ensure the installer is confident the field fibre and fibre stub are in alignment before camming. With its clean, ergonomic design and symmetrical layout it offers clearly identified self-aligning and reversible connector cradles, designed for the style and type of connectors used. It also offers right or left-handed termination in both handheld and bench top set-up to improve usability.
Stuart McKay, Sr Business Development Manager, Panduit EMEA, stated “The OptiCam 2 is a 'Game Changer' for fibre installation, and with the increase in fibre connection in the enterprise and data center for East-to-West applications, this tool provides installers a massive benefit in respect of being the first Tool on Market to Terminate and provide a calculated insertion loss value”.

The tool offers a companion mobile app, which mirrors the tool’s display screen whilst it collects predefined data sets, such as user name, client ID, sequential connector numbering with time/date stamp and insertion loss values. This data can be used by project managers for client project documentation.

Once purchased it is important to register the kit. The completion of this registration step is required for activation of the Bluetooth® functionality and firmware updates, where applicable.

Main Features

  • LCD Display
  • Calculated insertion loss
  • Mobile APP/Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pivoting arm
  • Applications

OptiCam 2 Termination Tool

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