Committed to Helping You Succeed Beyond Borders

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With more than 100,000 customers and operating in over 30 languages and 35 currencies, Anixter is a global distributor in the truest sense.

We provide consistent, dependable supply chain and technical service anywhere in the world. Our IT and operations capabilities have global reach. Our local experts provide technical assistance across the globe.

Global Expansion To Better Serve You

We leverage our global footprint to support our customers' and suppliers' operations around the globe. We are located in over 300 cities in approximately 50 countries and continue to add new locations to better serve you. 

Wherever you are on the map, Anixter delivers the same high standard of excellence. We provide the same systems, processes and services globally but with local personnel, language and currency.

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International Deployment Experts

Anixter is truly global, with the capabilities to consistently address the needs of your international facilities. Our local knowledge and experience can assist the more complex areas of your international deployments.

Import and Export Financial Implications

  • VAT
  • Duty
  • Freight costs
  • Insurance
  • Customs
  • Import documentation and certification

International Logistics

  • Import coordination for customs clearance
  • Procurement and consolidation
  • Deployment and project management

Global Project Capabilities

In today's global economy, successful capital project execution requires careful coordination of multiple organizations across multiple geographies.

With decades of experience in helping EPC customers deploy large-scale projects throughout the world, Anixter understands how technical expertise, a global distribution network and strategic manufacturer partnerships will lead to successful project completion. Anixter can deliver customized solutions that help customers get the right materials, at the right time and at the right price.

Many Locations. One Operating System.

Our roughly 320 warehouse facilities around the world all operate on a single platform. What this means for our customers is you can communicate with us locally in a common language and currency, but we can deliver the order seamlessly out of any of our facilities.

Even if you are not an international company, our many locations within a country can benefit anyone doing work in multiple states or provinces. A common operating system is key, as we can provide real-time stock status, shipping information and reporting without having to coordinate between multiple operating systems. You are guaranteed the same quality of service no matter which facility we process your orders from.