Rod Smith, EVP/HR and Head of the Anixter Cares program, and Kohl Museum President and CEO Sheridan Turner launch the Anixter STEAM Cart.
Kohl Children's Museum

Anixter is encouraging the next generation of scientists by partnering with Glenview’s Kohl Children’s Museum for their Tinkering Tuesdays educational program. The activities were developed by Anixter engineers and technical experts with support from the museum’s educators.

Tinkering Tuesdays lets children use their curiosity to explore the world of engineering. The program series takes place on the Museum’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) cart at different locations throughout the 23,000-square-foot exhibit space.

The 2017 program kicked off on January 10 with “Vocal Vibrations.” Nate Pagan of the Glenview solutions lab led children ages 2-6 on a short workshop on frequencies and vocal vibrations. Starting with a tuning fork, the children were able to understand how vibrations feel by tapping the fork on the cart. Next, Nate demonstrated what vibrations look like by using a monitor, microphone and vocal machine. When the children spoke into the microphone, they were able to see how the vibrations create sound waves, and how the waves got bigger or smaller depending on the volume of their voices.

Tinkering Tuesdays continues over the next three months, with an Anixter engineer on hand at each activity to participate in the demonstrations.

January 24: Vocal Vibrations
What are frequencies? Use your voice to investigate how you can transform the tone, pitch and volume of your voice into sound waves you can see!

February 7 & 21: Get Charged!
Wires, batteries and conductors! Tinker with various materials to construct an electrical circuit.

March 7 & 21: Opening Doors
How many ways can a door be unlocked? Explore how your fingerprint is unique to you.

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Photo Gallery

Anixter engineers interacting with the children at the official launch of "Tinkering Tuesdays".

Children try out Anixter's STEM cart at the Kohl Children's Museum.
Eric Bulington, VP of Marketing & Inventory Management at Anixter, teaches children about STEM.

Kids learn about circuits and current via the Get Charged! activities.

Children getting charged up on Tinkering Tuesday
Eric Bulington, VP of Marketing & Inventory Management at Anixter, demonstrates circuitry
Samantha Koch, a engineer at Anixter, explains circuitry to the children
Children learning about STEAM at the Kohl Children's Museum

What does sound look like over a wire? Kids find out.

A child points to a sound wave she can see at the Kohl Children's Museum
Using a tuning fork, children learn about vibrations
Bob Doylan teaches children about sound wave vibrations
Children participate and learn kids learn how and why sound changes with Anixter's engineers

Using a joystick, children controlled a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera to find items-and siblings-from far away. They were able to view them on a monitor.

A Aniuxter enginner explains how the PTZ camera works to a child participant
Kids learn about zoom cameras at the Kohl Children's Museum.
Using a joystick, children react to seeing themselves on the monitor
Bob Doylan wows the kids at the Kohl Children's Museum

Children took the opportunity to explore, via a variety of activities incorporating hot and cold items and changes in surface temperature, how various temperatures are detected through a thermal camera.

A child learns about thermal camera while reacting to seeing himself on the screen
A child sees himself on screen while doing an activity
A child doing different activities to see how it effects his body heat on the screen
Kids at the Kohl Children's Museum listen as Bob Dolan teaches them about thermal cameras