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Bringing You MORE+ Of What Matters:
See how together, we are offering you MORE+.

Together we are creating the premier electrical, communications, and utility distribution, and supply chain solutions company in the world.

Our broad portfolio, expertise, and customer-first approach offer you MORE+ for your long-term success.


Communications & Security Solutions

Learn how we can help you address your various
challenges in these environments:

Data Center
  • Data Center
    As data centers continue to expand exponentially, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), convergence, streaming and in-home technologies, as well as disruptive technologies such as microgrids and vehicle sharing, the need to maintain data center infrastructure flexibility and reduce time to market can put pressure on builders, owners and operators looking for ways to manage costs. Learn more.
Smart City
  • Smart City
    Urban and rural areas are evolving to cater to advances in technology, while seeking improved public safety, reliable connectivity and an enriched overall experience for residents and visitors. Crucial to realizing these enhancements is the physical connectivity layer that supports the end goals of security, mobility and efficiency. Learn more.


Helping you achieve MORE+.



Electrical & Electronic Solutions


Learn how we can help you address your various
challenges in these environments:

  • Construction
    If you are an installer working on renewable projects in a remote area or responsible for a mixed-use development project across town, our expansive product portfolio and proven solutions can help you enhance efficiencies and realize smarter outcomes. Learn more.
  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturers need solutions-oriented supply chain partners that deliver efficiencies in productivity, technology, and safety that ultimately drive profitability. Learn more.

Helping you achieve MORE+.


Utility & Broadband Solutions

Learn how we can help you address your various
challenges in these environments:

  • Utilities
    We leverage our global distribution network and expertise in metering, renewables, fiber deployment, grid modernization, smart technologies, inventory and materials management to offer best-in-class solutions for power generation, transmission, distribution and network connectivity. Learn more.
Fiber Broadband Deployments
  • Fiber Broadband Deployments
    You own the poles, infrastructure, and Right of Way. Let’s work together to improve your SCADA and AMI reliability and provide broadband connectivity to your rural subscribers. Learn more.


Helping you achieve MORE+.



WESCO Integrated Supply (WIS) has been transforming customers’ supply chains for over 50 years. With a field organization embedded at customer sites, extensive international sourcing expertise and LEAN methodology, our programs promote immediate and long-lasting bottom line benefits. Learn more at wescois.com.