"be top" presents five major future IT trends and describes what is now feasible

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the need for digital technologies and business models – a complex task for data centre operators and IT managers.

The new issue of the “be top” company magazine entitled “Simplified. Done” lets studies and IT experts have their say; it shows where the journey is leading and what is already feasible based on five IT trends.

Other topics include the new “RiMatrix Next Generation” IT infrastructure platform, the technology partnership between Eplan, Rittal and Phoenix Contact, sixty years of Rittal and new IIoT solutions from German Edge Cloud – a co-founder of GAIA-X and member of the Catena-X automotive initiative.

Technological developments, especially in IT, are occurring more rapidly than before. Speed and flexibility are the new “improved”, and they are becoming factors for success. “Doing” is what it’s all about.

Products and solutions need to be developed even more efficiently, with further improvements to processes and the ability to react. With the help of numerous examples presented in a practical and exciting way, the new edition of the Friedhelm Loh Group’s “be top” company magazine shows how this can be done.

Source: Rittal