IP cameras and access control system. Both can be integrated seamlessly on an IP network.

You may think that off-the-shelf video systems may be cheaper to purchase, install and run than a custom-made IP network video solution; however, the benefits of tailoring a system to your needs often makes it the more cost-effective choice than an out-of-the-box or traditional analog system.

Three readily realized benefits to building a customized network include robustness, scalability and cost effectiveness.

1. Customized IP network video solutions are more robust.

With the improved reliability, redundancy and flexibility of an open-architecture system, a custom-made IP-based physical security solution exceeds any appliance or commercial off-the-shelf solution by taking advantage of today’s best technology, such as higher camera counts, higher resolutions, access control integration, more intuitive and powerful user interfaces, and complex video analytics.

2. A customized solution allows for better scalability.

By keeping the customer’s objectives in mind, a customized solution can meet current application requirements while producing a scalable platform to meet future application needs. In addition, designing solutions with multiple levels of redundancy supports mission-critical physical security applications.

3. Customized IP video solutions are cost-effective.

When properly planned and executed, a custom-made IP-based physical security solution will result in less downtime, which lowers the total cost of ownership.

For more information about network video solutions, download our Designing Server, Storage and Client Workstation Solutions for Mission-Critical IP-Based Physical Security Applications white paper.

Download Anixter's Designing Server, Storage and Client Workstation Solutions for Mission-Critcal IP-Based Physical Security Applications white paper

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