Switches for photovoltaic applications up to 1500 VDC

OTDC PV disconnect switches

The OTDC range of switch-disconnectors from 16 to 1600 Amperes is specially designed for DC applications. Thanks to a compact design, efficiency and reliability, OTDC switches bring PV installations to the next level.

The versatile OTDC portfolio includes solutions for installations with the most special requirements: 1500 V DC voltages, multi-circuit switching and combined load outputs up to 1600 A.

Reliable in extreme conditions

Designed for harsh environments

Solar farms are typically located in remote and inhospitable environments. The OTDC switch-disconnectors are designed to offer efficient and reliable performance even in high ambient temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. They are virtually maintenance-free. The unique contact design results in a lower temperature rise, making only a minimal contribution to the overall heat-rise within any enclosure. The patented dual magnetic breaking (DMB) solution in our larger OTDC 100…1600 switch-connectors results in market-leading performance and reliable switching in all applications.

Easy Installation

Compact and modular design

The smart modular design of these devices means that they are fast and easy to install in a wide variety of ways, none of which take up large amounts of space. The switch-disconnectors can be mounted in any direction, and thanks to their polarity independence connections can be made in both ways. Additionally, the unique modular and compact design of our smaller OTDC 16…32 switch-disconnectors means that the same dimensions apply to a 2-pole and 6-pole switch. These switches offer various DC voltage ratings and control of up to three circuits within the same footprint area. Three mounting options are available for easy installation in a variety of enclosure designs: door, base and DIN rail.

Energy Efficiency

Reduced power losses

Energy efficiency and sustainability are important factors in photovoltaic energy production and distribution applications. Switches often generate considerable amounts of heat within the enclosure. The OTDC switch-disconnectors by ABB have a superior thermal structure, which help decrease switch power losses by up to 50%. These devices are extremely well suited for applications in high ambient temperatures. The rated currents need no derating even beyond 60ºC (140ºF). Overall these devices enable energy savings and reduced active ventilation costs, all within a smaller enclosure.

Typical Photovoltaic Applications

Direct current switch-disconnectors by ABB offer reliable switching for a wide range of photovoltaic (PV) applications. They are durable and virtually maintenance-free, and offer easy installation for all imaginable situations.

Depending on the solar farm layout and the customer’s wishes, the OTDC switch-disconnectors may be used in one or more sections of the overall setup, on the DC side prior to the inverter. The most typical uses for direct current switchdisconnectors include:

  • String combiner boxes
  • Recombiner boxes
  • Inverter input