Anixter and Professional Audio & Video

Since the founding of Anixter in 1957, it has been adapting to different technological milestones.

From electrical and industrial wiring in the ‘60s, to the introduction of the level program in the ‘80s (which later became the standard for the TIA / EIA Categories), and the consolidation in recent years of IP-based Physical Security solutions, Anixter has always made available the best portfolio as well as best practices to its channels and integrators.

The evolution of the analog world to the IP world opened a vast space of technological development, which presents a clear opportunity for our business partners. Just as we went through the transition to the IP world in communications and video (through the "Convergence"), we are facing a new scenario where "convergence" will be one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers and integrators: The world of Professional Audio and Video.

Why Professional AV at Anixter?

In a highly-fragmented AV industry at the manufacturers level, and still with many of them offering closed protocols and proprietary solutions, and whereby the concepts of Big Data and IoT are pervasive in all technological industries and market segments, experts agree on a very important point: If companies do not keep up with the changes and cling to their "know-how", they will tend to disappear.

Even the international association that represents the audiovisual industry, had an important transformation in 2017. InfoComm was renamed AVIXA, whose acronym shows precisely the vocation for changes in the industry: Audio Visual and Integrated Experience Association.

That said, we are also facing a scenario of "convergence": That of the AV industry with that of the IT world. It is more and more common that IT departments now control AV budgets, as AV projects over IP protocol (AVoIP) take place under the supervision of IT managers. So now AV is becoming part of IT.

This is where Anixter has the strength to support its channels and integrators.

Anixter’s 5 Pro AV pillars

The AV solutions portfolio is very broad, since it must cover all the necessary aspects to create the experience and exceed user expectations (workforce as well as customers).

In this sense, Anixter has organized its portfolio of solutions in 5 technological pillars:

  • Digital Signage:

    In a more visual world where we constantly interact with more and more screens, digital signage is a key technology that helps disseminate and support strategic messaging to employees and customers. Digital signage solutions can deliver information or training to the many markets in which they can be implemented: Public places, hotels and restaurants, airports, hospitals, etc.

  • Sound and Paging:

    The different environments and applications create important challenges for the sound aspect, which must satisfy the expectation of communicating effectively.

    A professional audio system creates the ideal environment in applications such as conference rooms, auditoriums, interactive classrooms, also passing through mass communication such as shopping centers, public places, with applications of voice, environmental music and emergency communications.

  • Collaboration and Conferencing:

    Distance is no reason for work teams not to interact constantly. Face-to-face and virtual work requires the ability to communicate as if they were in the same place, with high-quality audio and video, so that no detail is lost. Obviously, enterprise customers are where most opportunities are available, but let’s not forget about education and remote medicine applications.

  • Infrastructure:

    it includes wiring, devices, signal distribution and accessories that are connected to manage the dataflow between audiovisual equipment. All this on a secure setting with access devices, energy and cooling, to protect equipment, people and costs. A standards-based approach allows for a flexible system that is scalable and future-ready.

  • Control:

    In an integrated and well-designed audiovisual system, control is very important. It allows all systems to work together, providing a user-friendly interface. The opportunities are many: The automation of conference rooms, small collaboration rooms (Huddle Rooms), auditoriums, showrooms, events, etc.

Anixter distributes solutions from the top manufacturers in the AV market, covering all the aforementioned technological pillars.

Along with its regional presence in Latin America and global supply chain capabilities, Anixter is a true consultative business partner, guiding its channels through each step of its projects.