Audio and Video is transforming classrooms

Educational processes are increasingly being supported by technology to meet the challenges posed by people who live constantly connected lives and by children, who nowadays are digital natives.


Against this background, the concept of user experience in educational institutions has also caught on, using as a starting point the solutions offered by the audiovisual industry that strengthen this process.

People no longer only talk about projectors and interactive whiteboards or video conference and telepresence systems that facilitate the work of teachers. Today, the aim is for every student’s personal device, regardless of their grade, to be a tool that is integrated into the classroom and makes more dynamic and collaborative classes possible.

One of the latest examples can be found at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo in Mexico, which has equipped its facilities with a range of AV technology to improve the educational processes of medical students.

As a result, they now have centralized coordination and management as well as mutually interacting AV technology in an operating room, divisible auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, simulation rooms with cameras, and a practice room. This is just one of many such examples that can be found in Latin America.

Thanks to technological development and the creativity and capabilities of the integrators who work in the service of education, the audiovisual industry today enables both students and teachers to enjoy a striking user experience.

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