March 20th, 2020

Dear Customers

The health and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities is a top priority for Anixter. In the first days of COVID-19 in the Americas, Anixter established a Coronavirus Task Force which has representatives from all key business functions inside of Anixter operating with two primary priorities: protecting our own employees and ensuring business continuity for our customers.

In response to the virus situation, current CDC recommendations and widespread government regulations emerging globally, we are currently enabling many of our employees to work-from- home and have established additional guidelines to keep employees safe. We have also established specific safety measures in our distribution facilities to safeguard our warehouse associates as they continue to ship products to our customers and perform other value add services so critical to our customers. Anixter’s “hub and spoke” method of inventory management enables us to continue serving customers even if one or more warehouses were forced to close. Rest assured that our Anixter teams have the tools and capabilities to actively communicate with and service your needs.

Of course, we’re in uncharted territory with this global event. The situation remains fluid and we may experience supply chain disruptions should the virus hit employees at one of our distribution facilities, or government policies require us to close. If such events do occur, we are prepared for remedial action and we will communicate any disruption with you as quickly as possible and exhaust every effort to find an alternative method to service your needs. For further information, see the attached document.

Additionally, digital services can help relieve the pressure on people during these difficult times with social distancing and work-from-home policies increasing. Anixter has a variety of digital services to support you, including direct connections through Punchout Catalogs, EDI, API, and other direct system integration.

eAnixter offers many capabilities such as: View products, pricing, inventory, recent orders, billing history. For more information and to setup an account, please connect with your Anixter sales team.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Anixter sales associate. The entire Anixter team remains fully committed to perform for your business. Our best to you, your family and your company as we work together to persevere through the days ahead.

Kind regards,

Bill Galvin

Bill Galvin,
President & CEO