Commercial building internet of things (BIoT) enablement

Is your building ready for the benefits of an IoT environment?

Enabling the Building Internet of Things (BIoT) allows you to analyze your environment, and make real-time adjustments to improve efficiency and productivity. Some building owners and operators can be frustrated with the lack of interoperability and integration between infrastructure management tools and current IT systems.

CommScope’s imVision is a sophisticated approach to managing the complex infrastructure cabling and connectivity that provides the foundation for connected and efficient building technologies. CommScope’s imVision is compliant with the ISO/IEC 18598 Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) standard. It combines intelligent hardware and software to provide users with unprecedented real-time visibility and control over their physical layer.

The results are better capacity management of ports and cabling, higher availability, reduced mean-time-to-recovery, automated change management and faster time to value when deploying new IT assets, and improved efficiency and productivity of IT departments.

Challenge solvers

  • Locates devices and problems on your network, providing end-to-end documentation of physical layer and recording all changes in real-time.
  • Enhances change management, simplifies audits and compliance and increases operational efficiency, uptime and productivity.
  • Does not require use of special patch cords.

Intelligent infrastructure

  • Monitors and controls all sites globally from one location.
  • Increases operational efficiency, uptime and productivity.
  • Provides real-time data on how physical-layer assets are being used while assisting in the planning process.
  • Automates existing workflow.

Efficient infrastructure

  • Reduces time-intensive manual processes, generates electronic work orders and enables guided administration of connectivity changes.
  • Features end-to-end circuit visibility, which means that in the event of a network failure a root cause analysis can quickly be established with service quickly restored.
  • Repurposes stranded switch ports rather than have them remain idle while continuing to consume power.
  • Locates devices and problems on your network in less than 60 seconds.

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