CommScope® Announces Their New Redwood LED Sensor Designed for Desk Level Area

CommScope Redwood LED Sensor

CommScope announces the Redwood Sensor – Model 3M1-N 

a hardware component of the Redwood® intelligent lighting network solution. The Model 3M1-N is designed to control and dim a connected Redwood - ready third - party LED fixture, collect data on light levels, temperature, and motion for a desk area, and transmit this information back to the Redwood Engine.

Main Features

  • Accepts standard Category 5e, 6 or 6A cable via RJ45 connectors for fixture
    and data connections  
  • Installed in the ceiling tile or junction box near the fixture
  • Powered by the Redwood Engine 3 – Model 4834 
  • Requires Redwood Manager 3.3 software 
  • Motion sensor optimized for desk level coverage