CommScope Simplifies the DCIM User Experience

It’s simple – data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software should make it easier for operators to improve the capacity, efficiency and availability of the data center. To help meet that goal, CommScope has released the latest version of its award-winning DCIM software suite, iTRACS® DCIM 4.1.

iTRACS 4.1 screen shot-small

iTRACS DCIM 4.1 enriches and extends the user experience of DCIM with the iTRACS SimpleView™ interface, an interactive browser-based visual interface that enables the user to easily view, manage and interact with the physical ecosystem of the data center. The iTRACS SimpleView feature simplifies the use of DCIM through interactive visualization of the data center’s physical environment and resources. Its features include zoom, pan, highlight, filtering, overlays, tracing and other capabilities designed
to streamline and simplify web-based DCIM management.

"To keep up with our customers’ expectations, we are consistently seeking ways to provide solutions that are easy to use, more reliable and meet or exceed post implementation expectations,” said Kevin St. Cyr, senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions, CommScope. “iTRACS DCIM 4.1 creates a more visual and simpler approach to managing a complex data center environment. It is accessible through a secure web browser anywhere in the world, making intelligence and advanced management capabilities available at all times when needed.”

In addition to iTRACS SimpleView, the 4.1 release offers several additional enhancements to the platform, such as:

  • Better insight and collaboration. Users can filter and share reports with a higher degree of flexibility. The enhanced browser-based automated scheduling features provide faster, expanded access to iTRACS insight. Also, the enhanced Reporting Viewer lets users filter reports as they work, making it easier to drill down, isolate and leverage vital information.  
  • Enhanced privacy features for co-location and multi-tenant data center customers. An enhanced role-based management feature lets iTRACS users actively restrict access to infrastructure based on specific roles or other segmentation. This feature is ideal for multi-tenant and co-location clients; it offers a high level of security and privacy, providing a secure partition between clients in multi-tenant environments.

The iTRACS DCIM software suite is globally available to CommScope customers and is supported through CommScope’s extensive PartnerPRO™ Network.