New technologies from Axis Communications


Below, Axis experts present 8 ways in which a network video system with the necessary analytics can help to optimize the operation and security of your business:

  1. Personal safety
    This enables staff to be protected, is important in identifying which operations each employee carries out and assures the quality of work. It is also essential to the monitoring of machinery and vehicles; being able to identify the live movements of work tools will help to reduce work accidents and damage to equipment.
  2. Intelligent monitoring
    These solutions use video analytics with entry and exit alerts that visualize the arrival and departure of staff or work material, preventing stock theft and optimizing operational costs.
  3. Asset protection
    Together with intelligent monitoring, this allows thefts and losses to be reduced by using high-resolution images and light balance, even in dark areas.
  4. Intelligent operability
    By monitoring thoroughfares and controlling access to heavy machinery and vehicles, it can be determined whether products have suffered damage and at what point in their passage through the factory or warehouse the incident occurred. This tool helps to reduce damage to goods and optimizes the goods verification process, in case of complaints from customers.
  5. People counting
    Identifying how many people are inside a facility optimizes personnel planning and day-to-day operations, as well as offering the possibility of knowing who is inside and having better control of staff in the event of emergency.
  6. Thermography
    Thermography allows the hotspots in a facility to be instantly seen regardless of lighting conditions, in order to safeguard staff and the machinery being used. This tool sends an alert when it detects the movement of objects within a specific area, facilitates perimeter protection when elements in the setting cross virtual lines, and also identifies incidents without revealing physical details in the image.
  7. Facial recognition
    This solution carries out a live search by collating stored information with the individuals moving around the facility, immediately recognizing people. In this way it can approve or reject individual access to different areas.
  8. Network speakers
    Long-range audio alerts are required for announcements and alarm situations. Sound alerts are effective to instantly provide notification of risk situations, emit alarm sounds to warn personnel and give instructions if they are in risk areas, for example. They are also useful to make announcements to members of work teams.

It is important to know that these technologies can be adapted to the new needs that arise in facilities, thus ensuring quality and longevity. Business owners will not have to invest in a new video system whenever a need arises, or the technology evolves.