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Save valuable installation time, ensure proper grounding and bonding.

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Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently updated its 6"D Standard Rack to include integrated grounding studs, making it the latest addition to CPI's full line of rack and cabinet systems that include integrated grounding. You can now save valuable installation time and guarantee a proper grounding connection.


In addition to racks and cabinets, CPI offers a comprehensive line of UL® Listed grounding and bonding products to ensure that today's high-speed cabling systems are safely designed and installed according to standard compliance and industry best practices.


"CPI's integrated grounding features insure proper grounding and bonding, as well as reduction in labor time. This new design does not use any RMU space in the rack footprint, which in return saves money and allows full utilization for equipment," Michael Moore, CPI's Product Manager of Open Architecture, said. 


Designed in response to the increase in newer, highly sophisticated and more sensitive electronic equipment, CPI's grounding and bonding products help prevent transient voltage from damaging sensitive electronic equipment, all while providing ease of assembly and installation for customers.


CPI Grounding and Bonding Products feature:

  • A comprehensive line of products that promote electrical safety throughout the network
  • A complete bonding solution with grounding busbars, pipe and floor pedestal clamps, insulators, joint compound, compression tools and lugs/taps, as well as other equipment
  • UL Listing and compliance with industry standards