"Designing Industrial Networks Using ANSI/TIA-1005-A", ICT Today Magazine

by Gregg Schaefer, RCDD, ESS, NTS, Regional Automation Manager, Anixter 

ANSI/TIA-1005-A is a premises standard for industrial spaces with the purpose of guaranteeing the integrity of the communications link as it passes through one or more environmental zones.

ANSI/TIA-1005-A Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Industrial Premises is a key but underutilized industrial cabling specification. With industrial organizations needing longer cabling distances, lower cabling costs, wireless connectivity, remote machines, sensor monitoring, power savings from variable frequency drives (motor controllers which are able to change voltage and frequency) and physical security, the number of Internet connected ports is expected to exceed 11 million nodes by 2016.1 It is no wonder that the industrial “Internet of Things” is trending. How is this happening? Devices that were once connected with RS-485 or IEC 61168 field bus technology, or not connected at all, are now available with Ethernet ports and Internet protocol (IP) addresses.

Designing Industrial Networks Using ANSI/TIA-1005-A article

Devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interfaces and variable frequency drives connect with a category cable for local or remote management.


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