How to cope risk management challenges

In today’s world, there is a strong emphasis on providing a secure and safe environment for a modern workforce. Reducing risk and increasing peace of mind allows staff to focus on the task at hand.

We continually hear common challenges that users need face:

  • Providing a safe workplace.
  • Reducing theft.
  • Achieving regulatory compliance.
  • Preventing cyber threats.
  • Limiting physical building and network accessibility.

As a distributor and integrators our mission is to help the customer providing the best solution and services with the required knowledge to mitigate risks and unnecessary additional costs.

Bosch’s Praesideo is a complete, full featured digital public address and emergency sound system. It leads the market in reliability, especially in voice evacuation, and it has demonstrated years of performance in a wide range of applications. With more than 6,000 installed systems worldwide, it is the number one solution for demanding public address and emergency sound applications.

How Praesideo can help us to solve these challenges?

  • It is fully supervised and ensures message integrity by constantly monitoring system control, amplifier operation, microphones, loudspeaker line integrity and individual loudspeakers.
  • The various elements of the Praesideo system are connected via an interference free optical network, allowing equipment to be conveniently located where it’s needed.
  • For added reliability and uninterrupted operation especially in emergency situations in voice alarm installations, the network can be configured as a “redundant loop” that ensures the system will operate smoothly even if there is a physical break in the fiber optic cable.
  • As part of Bosch Security Systems’ commitment to meeting international standards, Praesideo meets legislated requirements for voice alarm systems.

Provides a safe workplace

  • High level of redundancy.
  • Voice alarm applications.
  • Monitors system, control, amplifier operation and microphones.
  • Extensive logging of calls and fault events.

Achieves regulatory compliance

  • Certified according EN 54-16, ISO 7240-16 and EN 60849.
  • Compliant with BS 5839:8 – SOLAS certified.
  • Certified partner program allows for installations compliant to local standards.

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