Improving workforce productivity

Social and economic drivers are placing a larger focus on how workforce behavior can be improved with technology. Adequate bandwidth is required to facilitate the explosion of high-definition video and the new ways people deliver and consume information.

IP office Communicate like never before. Respond immediately. Share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device. You’ll have the power of a unified communications system that connects everyone your people, your customers, your partners.

A system that’s incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use. Go ahead and grow IP Office is fully capable of handling up to 1,000 users in a single site or across multiple sites.

With Avaya, you have a complete, across-the-board solution that brings it all together. From telephone and video to mobility and call center applications, to networking, security, and ongoing services.

Challenge solvers

  • Your company directory in the palm of your hand. Bring your company directory everywhere for instant access to all your contacts. Call, email, IM and check presence for more meaningful collaboration.
  • Video On The Go. Conduct “face-to-face” video meetings with colleagues, partners and customers wherever you are, using virtually any mobile device – including smartphones and tablets

Avaya bonded-pair features

  • Reduces network downtime.
  • Your investment is protected.
  • Innovation for built-in value.
  • A flexible architecture-now and in the future PBX Cloud telephony.
  • Keeps up with evolving technologies.
  • A more flexible workforce with:
    • Enhanced desktop
    • Communications
    • Flexible mobility
    • Your tablet, your business phone
    • Video collaboration

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