Introducing Blackboarding and Annotation on the CSE-800


Make your meetings even more efficient and tap into blackboarding and annotation. Upgrade your CSE-800 base units with the latest firmware and enjoy these exclusive, new CSE-800 features from now on.

Firmware release 1.2 for CSE-800

The newly released firmware update for the CSE-800, the 1.2, brings blackboarding and annotation for the first time to your boardrooms. Discuss presented content, make annotations or notes while doing so and create an environment for co-creation and ideation.
Improvements also include the extended desktop functionality for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and include the best security for your ClickShare units. The auto-update functionality will make your life easier, just switch on the auto-update function in the settings of the base unit and never miss out on new features again. Next to this, we’ve added support for auto-discovery, which ensures discovery of all ClickShare units on your network when managing your fleet of ClickShare base units with the Collaboration Management Suite.

Key Features

  New features: blackboarding and annotation
  Extended desktop

  Quicker Button connection time

  Peace of mind with improved auto-updates

  Improved security with encrypted logs
  Support for auto-discovery