License Key Generator Upgrade


On August 11, Exacq began its transition to a new License Key Generation (LKG) system. During this transition time, customers might experience delays in license processing, though Exacq expects them to be minimal.
This is the first of many changes Exacq is making to address the customer’s desire to obtain exacqVision licenses faster and easier. In this transition phase, Exacq is implementing entirely new LKG software to support its rapidly growing business and enable future improvements. Once this new software is fully implemented, Exacq will begin to make procedural and software changes to ease the license delivery process.
Exacq intends to ease the license fulfillment process with these future changes:

·         Distributor creation – The new LKG system makes it much easier for distributors to directly create licenses without ordering from TSP. This fall, Exacq will offer this to the current distributors who aren’t currently creating their own licenses.

  • MAC free ordering – Dealers will be able to place software orders without MAC addresses. They can later convert to an installable license by using a Web page similar to the current activation card page.
  • Batch SSA quoting – The single recorder SSA quoting tool will expand to include multiple recorder quotes. This removes the error risk from the dealer’s quotation process, so SSA fulfillment isn’t delayed by ordering errors.
  • SSA expiration notification – Dealers will receive an e-mail notification of their systems with expiring SSAs. 

TSP sales employees can create their own trial licenses by using the trial license generator. 

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