New ScreenBeam Tecnology Solutions


ScreenBeam 960 Wireless Display Receiver

ScreenBeam 960 delivers native screen mirroring on Windows, Apple and Android without apps, cables or adapters.

  • Native wireless screen mirroring means no apps or wires.
  • Trouble-free presenting from anywhere in the room.
  • Collaborate wirelessly with interactive touch display support.
  • Share any form of content, videos, images, slides, etc.
  • Get meetings started quickly, switch presenters seamlessly.
  • Extended desktop maintains use of device for other actions.
  • Take advantage of multiport connectivity and world-class audio.
  • Designed for commercial applications and dense wireless environments.
  • Same easy-to-connect experience in every room means minimal training.
  • Connects to displays, projectors, control systems, and SkypeRoom systems via HDMI and USB.
  • Includes ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS).
  • Ideal for managing large number of receivers from a single location.

Classroom Commander Wireless Orchestration

For Windows 10 Classrooms, supports Interactive Touch

ScreenBeam Classroom Commander creates an in-room hub for wireless connectivity that is automated, extremely easy to use and optimizes instructional time. Enabled with the latest Miracast™ technology, each teacher and student device gets a dedicated point-to-point connection to the classroom display, saving valuable school bandwidth, and eliminating the need for expensive on-premises servers and infrastructure.

  • Teacher and student agility.
  • Wirelessly present teacher screen when ready.
  • Preview student screen before displaying.
  • Windows Ink and touchback support.
  • Real-time student screen and application monitoring.
  • Command attention (blank screens and lock keyboards).
  • Launch browser to designated URL or app.
  • Message individuals or groups.
  • Reduce communication latency between teacher and student devices.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and 10-S devices.



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