Panduit PanMPO™ Fiber Connectors

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Panduit's revolutionary PanMPO™ Fiber Connector changes the face of 10G to 40G infrastructure migration. See how this single connector works with any polarity or gender.

Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective 10G to 40G Ethernet Migration

The PanMPO Connector is the only MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) fiber optic connector available that can change polarity and gender in a matter of seconds. This means when it is time to migrate to 40G, you can switch the connectors to maintain standards-compliance without replacing your fiber infrastructure.

Always Have the Right Cable Assembly

Stock one type of cable assembly instead of 6. The only thing you have to figure out is length! Simply switch the connector on your cable to have the polarity and gender you need. Improve operational efficiency, save time and money.

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  • Easily convert between male and female gender, and between key-up and key-down polarity for a standards-compliant 10G or 40G Ethernet installation.
  • Connector changes are made in the field, as needed.
  • Always have the right cable assembly on hand.
  • Available on trunks, harnesses, interconnects and reference cords.

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