Power and Environmental Monitoring for Small Data Centers

Rack Energy Kits

When it comes to efficiently and effectively running a data center, small data centers have many of the same concerns and challenges as their larger counterparts. The disadvantage for small data centers is that they typically have limited resources in terms of technology, staffing, and financial support. These limitations may leave small data centers more vulnerable to inefficiencies, inflexibility for growth, and the potential for system failures.


Panduit supports the needs of small data centers with SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kits, a DCIM solution specifically designed to provide cost-effective power and environmental monitoring for small data center environments with 30 or fewer racks and cabinets.

SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kits include all hardware, software, and accessories necessary to monitor and capture operational data such as:

  • Current and historical views of power and temperature, enhanced with simple trending information displays  
  • Identification and alert of power or environmental levels exceeding pre-defined thresholds  
  • Documentation and reporting of operational metrics

Product Choices

SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with Clamp Meters
SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with Zero-RU Inline Meters SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with 1RU Inline Meter SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with Rack PDUs
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Step 1: ORDER  - Simple To Order

  • All necessary hardware and software for per/rack deployments is orderable under one single part number.

Step 2: INSTALL  - Simple To Install

  • Install with little to no downtime using a single IP address to connect gateways, PDUs, and sensors. Devices use a maximum 1-2U per rack.

Step 3: MONITOR - Simple To Use

  • Utilize a simple, yet intuitive GUI to display live and historical views of monitored power, and environmental data readings to identify possible service issues and send alert notifications.

Simple ROI Payback

  • Optimize operational efficiencies.
  • Reduce OpEx costs.
  • Increase data center resiliency.
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