Higher Education Campus Safety

Emergency Communications and Mass Notication

Survey Results

Emergency call stations can play a key role in campus safety by maximizing budget and improving integrated campus security. Anixter and Talkaphone surveyed campus safety officials, and this is what we found.



Emergency call box systems are critical in creating a safe campus environment. They can also add fundamental functionality for campus security and communications, which could assist you with state and federal compliance. Maximizing a limited budget is crucial but can be achieved with new technologies that consolidate and integrate systems offering operational efciency and increased campus safety.

Talkaphone is the leading provider of ADA-compliant life safety communication products and mass notication solutions. All over the world, from large multi-campus institutions to regional community colleges, Talkaphone has a solid reputation for tailored, comprehensive on-campus safety and security solutions. Talkaphone’s WEBS Contact Plus® mass notication software and afliated hardware assists in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act, which requires a mass notication system to issue timely warnings in case of an emergency.


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