Avaya J100 series IP Phones

Teléfonos IP Avaya J100

Secure and reliable voice communications

Transform your professional desktop communications experience

  • Explore a portfolio of desktop terminal phones with many features that were designed to improve the desktop user experience.
  • Modernize your desktops with the latest generation of Avaya SIP-based IP phones that offer one-touch video, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi.
  • Discover the Avaya desktop experience: industry-leading revolutionary desktop phones that feature a dynamic user interface, including button customization, full-view calendar, view contact groups and much more.
  • Manage it remotely using a web browser. Perform many of the features through your web browser; previously, physical access to the phone was required.
  • Use high quality phones designed for a long life. They include ergonomic headphones with weights, textured plastic, numeric keypad scroll and rubber mounts to prevent them from slipping on desks.
  • Migrate to SIP at your own pace using H323 software.