(Formerly Amphenol Telect)

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In 2019, All Systems Broadband and Amphenol Telect joined forces under the brand name Amphenol Network Solutions. A division of Amphenol Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world, Amphenol Network Solutions is a global leader in physical layer network infrastructure solutions for Data Center, Telecom, and Enterprise environments. The company offers a broad product portfolio of fiber distribution and cable management, DC power distribution, enclosures, passives, and racks for rapid deployment all over the globe. 

Data Center Solutions

As an industry leader in fiber optic cable management and connectivity systems, Amphenol Telect delivers modularity, density and flexibility for your Data Center network infrastructure. We provide end-to-end solutions that:

  • Increase Bandwidth
  • Maximize Space
  • Enable Fast Deployments
  • Migrate Easily
  • Offer great economy

Our Data Center customers count on us to innovate, improve, and continuously re-think the foundation of the Data Center fiber infrastructure. Today, Amphenol Telect offers the most flexible, scalable fiber and power portfolio we’ve ever built.

Telecom Solutions

Each service provider must consider the planning for monitoring and maintaining the network, the downtime for repairs, the end-of-life cycle for the infrastructure, the space required at data centers, and the employment levels required to staff it all.  The Internet of Things and its increased connectivity create a demand on networks for faster downloads, better service and fewer interruptions. Service providers must consolidate more capabilities into less space and optimize their networks for cost. Capital expenditures can be reduced by using less real estate, maximizing use of that space and lowering the cost of network builds, while operating expenditures can be improved by speeding up installation time and decreasing maintenance needs. Physical infrastructure components like Amphenol Telect's fiber distribution panels and frames can lead to cost-effective, future-proof networks.