Barco is a global, industry leading manufacturer of audiovisual display and projection technology products, image processing, and collaboration and connectivity equipment for the enterprise, entertainment and healthcare industries among others. Barco solutions help people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences and foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organizations As an industry innovator, Barco’s mission is to enable bright outcomes by transforming content into insight and emotion. In order to achieve that mission, we offer best-in-class, networked visualization hardware and software solutions and related services.

Featured Barco Products

CS-100 SET  ClickShare CS-100

 CS-100 SET | ClickShare CS-100

 CSE-200 SET  ClickShare CSE-200

 CSE-200 SET | ClickShare CSE-200

CSE-800 SET  ClickShare CSE-800

CSE-800 SET | ClickShare CSE-800

Group Share Equipment, Wireless Presentation Gateway

WIPG-1600W | Group Share Wireless Presentation Gateway