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Belden and Anixter are partnered worldwide to provide best-in-class product and supply chain services. Belden is a brand leader in cable, connectivity and networking products. Matched with Anixter’s technical and supply chain expertise, we create a partnership that will exceed all your cable and infrastructure needs. Belden designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications.

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Belden Broadcast and Audio/Video Solutions

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Belden has expanded its offering to include products designed specifically for commercial video display, audio distribution, and automation and lighting control applications.

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Belden Classic Cables

Classic Cables from Belden

Belden’s Classic line includes a select number of high-quality, high-reliability multi-conductor and paired cables.

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Copper Systems
Belden REVConnect

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White Papers


  • Recommended Transmission Distance Chart
  • Implementation of IEC 61196-1 Shielded Screening Attenuation Test Method
  • Precision Video Coaxial Cables- Impedance
  • Precision Video Coaxial Cables - Return Loss
  • Precision Video Coaxial Cables - Reflection Coefficient
  • Recommendations for Home Theatre and High-end Audio
  • Solving Signal Problems (Article)
  • Statistical Analysis of Coaxial Screening Attenuation



  • TB-17009 Direct Connect Testing Guidelines
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-569 (CSA T530)
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-607 (CSA T527)
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B (B.1, B.2 and B.3)
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-862
  • Category 6 Cabling Questions and Answers
  • Design for Manufacturability and Cpks
  • Ensuring Quality
  • IP Telephony: A Revolution for Structured Cabling Systems 
  • Preparing Infrastructure for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Applications
  • Standards Overview



  • The Financial Case for Category 6A Cabling in Healthcare Facilities 
  • Common Pitfalls in Healthcare Cabling Infrastructure Deployment
  • Converged Solutions for Healthcare Communication Infrastructures
  • IT System Convergence: A Cost-Saving Strategy for Hospitals
  • TIA-1179 and Beyond: Addressing Information Technology Needs for Evolving Healthcare Facilities
  • The Path to Convergence: Drivers, Challenges, and Solutions for the Enterprise



  • A Construction Kit for Secure Wireless Network Design
  • A Robust Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Consisting of Environmentally Hardened Network Cabling, Connectivity, and Active Components Is Essential to Long-Term Performance and Reliability
  • Achieving Next-Generation Connectivity
  • Building a Reliable VFD System
  • Choosing the Right Cable for your Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) System
  • Ethernet Enables the Smart Grid
  • Ethernet Enables Midstream Oil and Gas Communications
  • Ethernet for Machines and Robots


  • Broadband Video over Category 6 UTP Cabling
  • Broadband Video Over Twisted Pair Cabling
  • Cabling for 10BASE-T: The Case for UTP
  • Conduit and MediaTwist Cable
  • Fitted vs. Input Impedance




Case Studies


  • Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (Cat6 cabling system for new office fit)



  • University of Birmingham(certified GigaBIX cross-connect system)
  • Warwick University (certified Belden IBDN system 4800LX with GigaBIX cross-connect solution)
  • Olin College (certified Belden IBDN system 4800LX with FiberExpress solution)
  • O’Donel High School (certified Belden IBDN System 2400 with patch panel solution)
  • University of Missouri (certified Belden IBDN System 1200 and 2400 with patch panel solution)
  • The College of Europe (certified Belden IBDN System 1200 with GigaBIX cross-connect solution)
  • É.T.S. University (certified Belden IBDN intelligent building solution)
  • University of Texas at Austin (certified Belden IBDN BIX patch panel cross-connect solution)



  • Lucas Oil Stadium Kicks Off New Era of Indianapolis Colts Football (Belden IBDN structured cabling system)
  • Dome Productions Equips Advanced Mobile Digital Broadcast Truck with (Belden Brilliance A/V cabling)
  • Busch Stadium (Brilliance audio and broadcast systems)
  • TNT High-Tech Homes (HomeChoice composite cables)



  • Martin Brokers (UK) PLC (certified Belden IBDN GigaBIX cross-connect system)
  • Standard Life (ertified Belden IBDN System 1200 with GigaBIX cross-connect solution)
  • John Hancock Signature Services (certified Belden IBDN BIX cross-connect system)



  • City Hall, City of Cambridge Ontario, Canada (certified Belden IBDN system 10GX)
  • Nevada Power (certified DataTwist 350) 
  • Dubai International Airport (certified Belden IBDN System 1200 with patch panel solution)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P) (certified Belden IBDN Category 5 cabling system)
  • Vancouver International Airport (certified Belden IBDN BIX frame cross-connect system)


  • HealthSystem Minnesota (HSM) (certified Belden IBDN BIX cross-connect system)
  • Pediatric Services of America (PSA) (certified Belden IBDN 110 cross-connect system)
  • Taking Healthcare and IP Convergence to a New Level
  • Maine General Medical Center
  • St. Francis Hospital


  • NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (certified belden IBDN system 10GX)
  • TRW Space & Electronics (certified Belden IBDN system 1200 with GigaBIX cross-connect solution)
  • Redundant Networks (certified Belden DataTwist 350)
  • Microsoft Australia (certified Belden IBDN FiberExpress system)
  • Electronic Arts (certified Belden IBDN BIX cross-connect system)
  • Ingram Micro Canada Inc. (certified Belden IBDN FiberExpress system)
  • LSI Logic Corporation (certified Belden IBDN BIX cross-connect system)
  • Seagate Software (certified Belden IBDN BIX cross-connect system)
  • TWI Ltd. (certified Belden IBDN System 1200 with GigaBIX cross-connect solution)


  • RE/MAX International (certified Belden IBDN Multi-Gigabit cabling system)
  • Hamilton Associates (Belden IBDN GigaBIX cross-connect system)
  • US West !NTERPRISE Networking (certified Belden IBDN copper/fiber hybrid cabling system)


  • Hirschmann® OpenRail RS20 Managed Switches Chosen to Network Automobile Parts Manufacturing Production Lines
  • Belden Cables Help Auto Manufacturers Put It All Together
  • The City of Naperville Electrical Substations
  • Hirschmann OpenRail RS20 Managed Switches

Belden Essential Cable Facts

Although many industrial cables are not revolutionary and the technology and applications are very well established, the importance of quality and compliance remains just as critical. Learn how Belden can help you make informed choices when it comes to quality and standards-compliant cabling. Learn more.

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