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Bose is committed to helping people reach their fullest human potential — so they can feel more, do more, and be more. Bose Work solutions bring the simplicity and clarity of Bose to conferencing. From all-in-one innovations for huddle spaces, to desktop and mobile conferencing products, to fully integrated systems for meeting rooms, Bose Work solutions help everyone hear more, see more, understand more — and work better.


Building experiences together

Pro audio is about creating incredible experiences — from an unforgettable live music event to a clear conference call that gets the whole team on the same page. Those exceptional experiences don’t just happen. They need to be built, one piece at a time.

Innovation begins with exploration

Bose is a problem-solving company. It’s been that way since the beginning. When our founder, Dr. Amar Bose, bought a premium stereo that produced less-than-premium sound, he started researching, and he founded the company to keep researching. And we’ve never stopped. Dr. Bose believed exploration is its own reward, a gift in itself, and his story shows just how powerful that belief turned out to be.

The pro priority

When people in the pro audio industry began coming to Bose with different, more complex problems — complicated acoustic challenges; the need for more and different connectivity; sophisticated signal processing concerns — we didn’t create a new product. We created an entire new division dedicated to solving pro audio problems: Bose Professional.

That was more than 40 years ago.

In the pro audio industry, collaboration brings a huge advantage — because our customers are experts. System designers, integrators, installers, sound engineers, musicians. They know sound. And they continually help us make better products.

Your success is our success

Bose Professional serves many different markets, delivering great sound in venues all around the world — performing arts centers, theaters, places of worship, stadiums, restaurants, schools, retail stores, hotels, and corporate buildings.

We know that our pro audio customers depend on us in a unique way. This is your business, your reputation, your livelihood — not just an amp, not just a loudspeaker. So, when you buy a Bose Professional product, you get the full weight of the global Bose Professional team behind you — our time, support, and attention. We see every purchase as the beginning of a partnership.

Bose Work

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Bose Work solutions bring the simplicity and clarity of Bose to conferencing and unified communications. Today the workplace is every place: office, home, car, and coffee shop. So we have solutions that make any meeting better whether people are in the same room or in different hemispheres.

Installed Sound Expansion

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With its Installed Sound Expansion, Bose has increased its range of products so system designers and installers can deliver Bose Professional sound systems in more spaces than ever. This means more options — more loudspeakers, amplifiers, and processors to choose from.

Portable PA

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Bose Church

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From portable to permanent and everywhere in between, this is what Bose Church audio solutions are all about — our mission supporting your vision. Every week, in churches around the world, those two missions come together to support spoken word and worship with audio consistency, power, and clarity. Bose believes pro audio is about building incredible experiences.