CDVI Americas

CDVI Americas

CDVI is a French-Canadian company developing access control solutions with 32 years of presence in the market. CDVI has 12 commercial offices around the world and factories in countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Canada. Currently, CDVI Latin America & Caribbean is directly linked to CDVI Americas, which is responsible for manufacturing, development and distribution throughout the region.

CDVI has a portfolio of solutions divided into 2 major categories, ATRIUM for small and medium projects, and CENTAUR for large projects.

Atrium Access Control Platform

  • Up to 500 doors and 10,000 users.
  • Plug-and-play solution.
  • Intelligent elevator controller with capacity up to 256 floors.
  • Universal power supply, PoE+.
  • Free software in English.
  • Email notifications.
  • Ability to view IP cameras and integrate with intrusion solutions.

Centaur access control platform

  • Up to 200,000 doors and 1 million users.
  • Includes free advanced monitoring tools.
  • Integration with SAP.
  • Integration with video surveillance systems, time and attendance, intrusion, fire prevention, parking, visitor control, DVR / NVR / VMS, elevators and guards tours, among others.
  • This platform supports a double verification system including facial recognition, biometrics and tags.