CommScope Living Infrastructure

Transform your data center into a living infrastructure


One-size-fits-all practices and increased pressure affect data center performance

In today’s data center environment, applications require the utmost reliability, flexibility and security. IT administrators, facility and data center managers are juggling competing priorities, trying to manage operational costs, conserve energy, minimize downtime and optimize space.

As data centers experience rapid growth and evolve through newer technologies, enterprises must also contend with rising business expenses that exert additional pressure on data center operators to achieve optimal performance. To further complicate matters, data center designers are limited by “one-size-fits-all” practices that often do not align with specific, real-world customer needs — resulting in sub-optimum data center designs that place additional stress on IT operations and budgets.

Living Infrastructure — designed to evolve alongside you

To maximize efficiency, enterprises must address current requirements, available resources and future expansion. They need a partner capable of designing and deploying their infrastructure, then supporting its evolution. Once that support is established and consistent, data centers begin to optimize the usage, storage and transmission of business-critical information.

Since enterprises need to build and sustain an infrastructure that is responsive, agile and efficient, CommScope has devised a strategic approach called Living Infrastructure. Learn more by downloading the Living Infrastructure Solution Guide.

Download the Living Infrastructure Solution Guide