Corning FREEDM™ Dry MPC Cable

Corning FREEDM Dry MPC Cable

We're Predicting a Dry Spell

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Look inside Corning’s new FREEDM™ Dry MPC Cable and you’ll see there’s something familiar, missing. Corning’s FREEDM Dry MPC Cable replaces gel with a waterblocking yarn coupled with an enhanced buffer tube design. Packed full of Corning innovation, including the use of Corning ClearCurve® bend-insensitive fibre.

Aiding more efficient and installer-friendly cable preparation, FREEDM™ Dry central tube MPC cables contain a waterblocking yarn both inside and around the buffer tubes, eliminating the need for messy gels. They are an alternative product to gel-filled cables providing minimal cleaning and preparation, resulting in faster, accurate and more reliable fibre terminations.

  • Innovative waterblocking yarn protects against water penetration without the need for
    messy gels
  • Flexible polypropylene buffer tubes isolate fibres from environmental and installation rigors
  • Low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH™), jacket meets European regulations for indoor use

  • Multipurpose indoor/outdoor use including campuses, building-to-building, airports, shopping malls, stadiums and railway stations. There is no need to re-terminate at building entry and use separate cables for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available with a variety of different fibre types, including the industry leading bend-insensitive Corning® ClearCurve® Multimode OM2, OM3 and OM4 fibres

The gel-free cables avoid the frustration and inconvenience of working with messy, sticky and oily gels or hazardous cleaning chemicals. The time-saving, easy and clean preparation and connection process requires no special tools and equipment for cleaning.

With FREEDM you can gain more efficient, high-quality and less costly installations that enhance the performance and longevity of mission-critical network infrastructures.

OS2 Single-mode

Corning Part Number Anixter Part Number Fibers
004ESZ-T2B01D20 370-563-SMODE-04-GF 4
012ESZ-T2B01D20 370-563-SMODE-12-GF 12

OM1 Infinicor 300

Corning Part Number Anixter Part Number Fibers
004KSZ-T2B30D20 370-569-6RMPC-04-GF 4
012KSZ-T2B30D20 370-569-6RMPC-12-GF 12

OM2 Clearcurve Pretium 150

Corning Part Number Anixter Part Number Fibers
004TSZ-T2B31D20 370-COR50GF-LTDCT-04 4
012TSZ-T2B31D20 370-COR50GF-LTDCT-12 12

OM3 Clearcurve Pretium 300

Corning Part Number Anixter Part Number Fibers
004TSZ-T2B80D20 373-COR300GF-LTCT-04 4
012TSZ-T2B80D20 373-COR300GF-LTCT-12 12

OM4 Clearcurve Pretium 550

Corning Part Number Anixter Part Number Fibers
004TSZ-T2B90D20 373-COR550GF-LTCT-04 4
012TSZ-T2B90D20 373-COR550GF-LTCT-12 12