Digital Watchdog® is a leading manufacturer of value-driven complete surveillance solutions. Complete IP surveillance solutions include Blackjack™ network video recorders, DW Spectrum™ video management system for server, mobile and on-camera control, MEGApix® cameras. Complete analog surveillance solutions include VMAX™ digital video recorders, mobile management applications, 960H and AHD cameras.

Digital Watchdog (DW) empowers the customers as the industry-leading single source of value-driven complete solutions for all video surveillance applications (analog / hybrid / IP enterprise), focusing on ease of use and ROI. DW™ products offer technologically-advanced features including STAR-LIGHT™ super low light technology, WDR, Smart DNR™ and Smart IR™. Complete IP megapixel surveillance solutions include MEGApix® cameras and edge recording systems, Blackjack™ NVRs and DW Spectrum™ VMS for server, mobile and on-camera control. Complete analog surveillance solutions include STAR-LIGHT MPA™ 1.3MP 960H and STAR-LIGHT AHD™ 2.1MP cameras, VMAX™ DVRs and mobile management applications. Reasons to choose Digital Watchdog® complete solutions include: 

  • Performance: Digital Watchdog® has developed a solid reputation for product performance, offering the market some
    of the most reliable and feature-rich products and applications.
  • Innovation: Digital Watchdog® is proud to be a leading force in the industry, pushing technology and ease of use. Our VMAX™ digital video recorders’ user experience (UX) pushed the market towards simple recorders with abundant local features, remote mobile functionality and data control. The ground-breaking DW Spectrum™ software and Blackjack™ NVRs are proving that the IP experience can be intuitive and easy. Now, both analog and IP video surveillance solutions are managed in a single simple easy to operate VMS platform – DW Spectrum™.
  • ROI: Digital Watchdog® provides customers a faster path to return on investment (ROI) and is committed to “Making Your Business More Profitable!” 
    • Superior Value
      Real Value = Price + Product Quality
      Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Quality
      High Customer Satisfaction
      Low Return Rates
    • Ease-of-Use and Installation
      Easiest to Install Products in the Industry
      Intuitive Features
  • Support: All Digital Watchdog® products come with detailed and simple documentation, making installation and setup
    of even the most advanced network surveillance solutions easy. In addition, all customers have free, unlimited access to DW’s technical support team, offering a vast knowledge database and guidance for complex integrations and systems.
  • Interoperability: Digital Watchdog® provides open platform solutions and actively works with manufacturer partners to assure reliable integration of video analytics, access control and home automation.

Digital Watchdog New Products for the Summer of 2016